Over the past ten years, Schuberg Philis and Moneyou have built a unique partnership. Much of the value of Schuberg Philis lies in its understanding of the customer's own course. Kees Hillenius and Lukas Kortenhorst talk about this exceptional interaction.

Kees Hillenius: "A lot has changed over the past ten years. For example, Moneyou's way of working is now 100% Agile. We have taken an enormous step toward an open IT platform. To achieve agility and speed we are increasingly building solutions for ourselves in the Public Cloud. The third big development is that, as a 24/7 payment bank, we have become an IT company with a strong and impressive technical heart. Thanks to these three major developments, we are moving away from the situation in which Schuberg Philis was our all-inclusive managed services provider, who helped us to sleep well at night on the operational side. Our goal now is to bring our ideas to the market in the best, fastest, and smartest way possible, working as a community.

Mobile banking proposal

Lukas Kortenhorst: "That requires something different from us. On the one hand, there is the continuing development of our services, which were and are focused on the controlled and auditable management of IT complexity. On the other hand, our developers are an integral part of the DevOps Teams. Thanks to their expertise, knowledge, working method, and the Schuberg Philis DNA, they have given Moneyou's developing IT organization a flying start. They played a full role in the success of the mobile banking proposal."

"Openness, trust, and freedom characterize our relationship"

Kees Hillenius

Kees: "The Scrum and Agile approaches revolve around end-to-end responsibilities, shared in teams of people with different profiles and backgrounds: your own staff, colleagues from your partners, freelancers and others. The specialists from Schuberg Philis, who previously built great things in their own environment, are now part of these mixed teams."
Lukas: "That has made the communication of the Schuberg Philis DNA, identity, and culture an important element in the work."

Openness, trust, and freedom

Kees: "In close collaborations it's very important to be transparent about the factors you take into consideration and the choices you make. The world is changing too quickly for five-year or ten-year agreements. You might say that you intend to work with a specific partner on particular matters, but neither party can tie the other down in the long term. Openness, trust, and freedom characterize our relationship with Schuberg Philis: they can pivot with us as a partner, and that's very special."

Lukas: "In a scarce market for talent, it's not easy to get the right balance between the greatest possible flexibility, on the one hand, and continuity on the other. I'm proud that we, along with Moneyou, have been part of these fantastic developments, and I believe that demonstrates our added value."

Kees Hillenius
Head of IT of Moneyou
Lukas Kortenhorst
Customer Director at Schuberg Philis