Loyal for fifteen years

KLM has been a customer for fifteen years. The partnership began with a crisis response capability. In a crisis, KLM should be able, with a single click, to switch to a simplified website, giving users all the relevant information.

Later we also provided support for marketing campaigns, DDoS protection, and security. Today a new type of partnership is emerging. Guido van Til, VP for Digital Strategy, and Vendor & License Manager Peter de Wit talked with Arjan Eriks from Schuberg Philis.


We started in 2004 with a two-page contract, but apparently that has never stopped us getting things done. 

"Creativity and value have become more important for us."

Peter de Wit

Peter: "The partnership was and is good. Challenges are always constructively addressed and resolved on the basis of an open relationship. The partnership has also strenthened. Creativity and value have grown in importance in our relationship." Guido: "Looking back on the past 15 years, it has been very valuable that you've always been very loyal and have actively participated in finding solutions, including in times that were more difficult for KLM."

At first we did mainly those jobs that were not too big and had to be done quickly. Gradually, more and more has been added. Guido: "Our starting point was your value for our business, for example in marketing campaigns. During our 'Werelddeal Weken', most site visitors are simply looking for ideas. You don't want all that traffic landing on KLM.com. A partner who serves as a filter to transform that traffic into conversion has strategic value for us. The strength of Schuberg Philis is its can-do mentality, its ability to deliver quickly and 100% mindset." Peter: "Right now we're considering other areas as well, to see what can best be handled where: at KLM or at Schuberg Philis. We're shifting to a hybrid model in which, taking a strategic business perspective, we focus on speed, flexibility, stability, and compliance with regulations and legislation." Guido: "Schuberg Philis is seen as complementary to our own IT department; this is evident in the way IT has taken ownership of the contract."

Arjan Eriks, Peter de Wit, Margo Broersen and Guido van Til


What more would you like to see in the future? Becoming even faster and more flexible, while working together, requires a more integrated approach, together with the Public Cloud and other modern technologies. Peter: "We intend to collaborate more with Schuberg Philis on innovation projects. For example, we're talking about a proof of concept for a new blockchain application. We'll spend more time in one another's kitchens, learning from one another and finding improvements. I believe we can get much more added value from this new relationship! I'm looking forward to the next fifteen years."

Guido van Til
VP for Digital Strategy of KLM
Peter de Wit
Vendor & License Manager of KLM
Arjan Eriks
Managing Director at Schuberg Philis