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Azure Site Reliability Engineer


Schuberg Philis is a true IT-driven company that runs on the combined knowledge and ideas of 240+ IT experts. Experts which work in self-steering multidisciplinary customer teams which have full end-to-end responsibility. No one at Schuberg Philis has or reports to a manager, you are responsible to organize your own work. Every member in these teams is fully mandated and is in direct contact with the customer, establishing the shortest possible lines of communication.

The team

This Customer Team is the Digital Center of Excellence (Digital CoE): experts who support and enable the digital transformation by offering the shortest time to market while guaranteeing maximum quality. Our team enables internal project teams at our customers to develop and maintain innovative IT solutions by leveraging the development speed of the Azure Platform (PaaS). At the same time, availability, reliability, performance, security and compliance are offered as a service, allowing quality to be maintained at a maximum level. The Digital CoE positions itself as the driver of the digital calendar of our customer by delivering an Azure Landing Zone and Services catalog for all Cloud initiatives, mainly SaaS and PaaS.

The Digital CoE Landing Zone (Azure) is a premium secure cloud services platform, which lets software development teams continuously build, deploy, test and run their code. It comes pre-packaged with essential guidelines, tools & services which allow collaborative creation of first time right software to help businesses scale and grow.

Your skills & capabilities

The combination of excellent communicative skills, a passion for Azure Cloud engineering, automation and being a real team player enables the Digital CoE to act as one. As a team we help to design and build IT solutions together with DevOps teams using the Digital CoE platform. Choosing the right technical approach requires strong analytical and research skills.

Your experience in- and passion for Azure Public Cloud technology enables the Digital CoE to continuously learn and develop itself. You love exploring new tools and techniques to increase performance, automation and scalability.

You look beyond Azure technologies and want to develop a deep understanding of Public Cloud in general. Analytical and conceptual business/ IT challenges are known to you and your drive is not to only automate the hell out of everything but to apply native technologies, document and share your work with team members and partners.

Your business technology experiences

By applying best practices, you enable the business and their partners in their digital journey: business intelligence, Azure, software- and data strategy and software architecture, identity and access management, DevOps, security, privacy and governance. You have an engineering background in managing applications in ever changing and complex IT environments (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS). You are considered an expert in automation, applying configuration management (e.g. PowerShell DSC, Azure Automation) and Infrastructure as Code (e.g. Azure resource manager, Terraform). You are a hands-on leader in transforming and refactoring applications to Azure native (microservices, container, serverless) architectures. You are passionate about CI/CD (e.g. Git, VSTS and various deployment automation and automated testing tools). Obviously, you have a thorough expertise in Public Clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP). You have a natural drive to document and share knowledge and develop best practices.


We do not just believe but know from 17 years’ experience that it is possible to achieve our unchanging goal: 100% customer satisfaction. Every day is different. Being a privately-owned company allows us to innovate. Schuberg Philis delivers craftsmanship and we believe that building and maintaining complex application ecosystems can be done by putting artisans in the lead. Typically, you can expect to spend around 50% of your time on operational tasks. The other 50% you will be working on projects in which, we promise, you will never be bored!

Applications can be sent to careers@schubergphilis.com. If you are invited you will have a series of in depth talks with engineers and Mieke Luitjes, our recruiter.



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