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BI reporting specialist



This colleague will, in the first place, be responsible for the creation and continuous improvement of a datawarehouse/data lake in which all of Schuberg Philis’ data (from the currently 7 separate database servers) is collected, stored and combined. This datawarehouse will be the basis for all of Schuberg Philis’ future reporting, and hereby should make creating reports/dashboards an easier and less time consuming task.

Besides the creation of this datawarehouse/data lake, this person will be the BI specialist within Schuberg Philis, turning the datawarehouse’s data into valuable analytics information (via dashboards/reports). Besides being responsible for Schuberg Philis’ internal data and reporting landscape, this colleague will also be responsible for the reporting activities at one of our financial customers, for which we built, run and develop an online bank.

This online bank is build up from scratch and is based on the latest IT technology plus based on brand new designed Straight Through Processes(STP). The online bank is in continuous change process and operates in a changing market. Expanding the online bank into the areas of Mortgages. Insurances and Personal Finance etc are objectives for the coming period. Our customers demand the highest quality, reliability and integrity.


  • Ability to coach and support other colleagues to become more self-sufficient in reporting and analytics
  • Python, R, C#
  • ETL tools
  • SQL and NOSQL
  • Tableau, QlikView, PowerBI
  • Linux
  • Strong communication and social skills


  • Datawarehouse engineer with a strong affection/background for BI/reporting or,
  • BI specialist with a strong affection/background for database engineering.

We have been working with many of these customers for years. As their trusted IT partner we are involved in many parallel projects in a dynamic environment. Our teams consist of experienced engineers and developers with different personal and professional backgrounds. By continuously challenging each other we achieve great personal development. We act as one and prefer working together through direct communication, taking ownership and a getting-the-job-done attitude.

For this customer we are currently renewing the entire IT approach, towards a cloud way of working, platform services and continuous everything. Like all colleagues at Schuberg Philis, we strive for Infrastructure as Code, Standarisation, continuous development and automated testing. We have the ambition to automate all the monkey work and expand our application development projects. You undoubtedly share our conviction that automation creates better quality and is great fun to work on.

To strengthen our team we look for new colleagues with an open mind and a genuine passion for datawarehouse engineering. You enjoy working in a team and strive to make a difference. Despite your vast experience and impressive skills, you are always eager to learn and develop. You look beyond established technologies and want to develop a deep understanding of your customer, its business processes and opportunities. In short, we invite you to apply if you are passionate about IT and have grown your skills for several years in a challenging environment. That doesn’t mean we only hire seasoned professionals. If you have less mileage on your CV, but compensate that through your exceptional IT drive or skills, please get in touch. Our team is willing to invest in your talent so we can reach together the next level!


Schuberg Philis is an innovative self-funded company and an important player in the field of mission critical outsourcing services. Schuberg Philis exclusively addresses company application infrastructures, which require 24/7 availability, and guarantees 100% uptime for the applications running on these infrastructures. Schuberg Philis complies with the highest international risk management and corporate governance standards, while remaining flexible to evolving customer needs. Applications can be sent to careers@schubergphilis.com, if you are invited you will have a series of in depth talks with engineers and Mieke Luitjes (our recruiter).



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