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IT Engineering is a craft that takes years of practice to master. You are somewhere along the path to automating everything, but perhaps you could use a few more peers who will challenge you to reach the next level. We provide our customers with a 100% functional uptime guarantee and make this happen by giving smart engineers the keys to the kingdom and the freedom to fail. Small teams, access to everything and peer review rather than management. Not many people have what it takes. Are you one of them?


Schuberg Philis believes in craftsmanship. We truly believe that complex IT environments are the best place to find the puzzles we love to solve. We deliver IT that works. Exceeding customer expectations and exceeding our own beliefs. Your time at Schuberg Philis should be worthwhile. We work in dedicated teams, teams that share a goal and a vision. Teams that are fully accountable and responsible for the quality they deliver. Teams that have the freedom to do whatever it takes to achieve bold goals. We cherish the culture we have, a culture of openness, freedom and responsibility. We write about it on our blog cupfighter.net.

The job itself is immensely varied and centers on automating the provisioning, monitoring and maintenance of infrastructure and applications, using a wide array of technologies. As a team member you are responsible for designing, building and supporting the infrastructure that runs the customer’s critical business processes. To give you an idea of the technologies we use for automating and integrating. We use Chef, Cloudify, Terraform, CloudStack, AWS, and VMWareNSX for automating our IaaS and PaaS offering. For developing and integrating applications we use Jenkins, Redis, Celery, Python, AngularJS. Monitoring and measuring tools like Grafana, Splunk. A Mission Critical Engineer is expected to understand the rationale and concepts behind these technologies.


Schuberg Philis is looking for truly great system engineers (Windows, Unix, databases, storage, security, ...) and software engineers (tool builder, big data, front end, office user,....) with sort of 10 years of experience, broad expertise, a passion for their profession and bored and skilled enough to automate their work away. Diplomas are important, but exceptional experiences might be just as relevant.

Applications can be sent to careers@schubergphilis.com. If you are invited you will have a series of in depth talks with engineers and Mieke Luitjes, our recruiter.



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