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In 2012, bol.com expressed their wish to host their IT-systems independently. Having a deep understanding of bol.com’s IT-structures and business requirements, Schuberg Philis set out to provide bol.com with the best advice and support on how to successfully build and manage an entirely new IT-ecosystem.

A year and a half of closely cooperating on the exit-case came to fruition during the so called migration-weekend, when the complex operation of migrating applications and customer data was executed flawlessly by the teams of bol.com and Schuberg Philis. After seven years,bol.com now independently operates a fully functional IT-ecosystem.

Process and structure can be the catalysts of change. Schuberg Philis and bol.com have worked together for seven years, in a continuous cycle of innovation, focused on proactively generating smart solutions. While maintaining incredibly high standards, bol.com and Schuberg Philis have been constantly adapting to an even more demanding future.

Bol.com is the leading e-retailer in The Netherlands and Flanders, annually providing 4,5 million customers with over seven million books, dvd’s and household appliances. A flawless ordering and payment system is critical to the customer-focused approach of bol.com: supply to any demand of the customer, through a process tailored to the customers’ specific needs. At the same time, bol.com is constantly connected to thousands of different suppliers from around the world. All these processes need to be executed flawlessly 24/7.

Schuberg Philis designed, built and managed the IT-structure of bol.com from 2007 until 2014. Due to the nature of the business of bol.com, the ability to adapt to rapid changes was essential in the partnership between Schuberg Philis and bol.com. In this environment, Schuberg Philis’ way of working came to full fruition.

Together, bol.com and Schuberg Philis executed an IT-ecosystem that handled the ordering and payment processes of bol.com’s customers, as well as the communication between bol.com and their numerous suppliers.

This inventive system enabled the continuous monitoring of results and data growth. Using this information, the engineers of Schuberg Philis held weekly meetings with bol.com to discuss the fragile balance between control and change: Schuberg Philis provided stability to the continuing innovation that is essential to bol.com.

By anticipating instead of reacting, the IT-systems of bol.com have always been equipped for new business opportunities. From the introduction of a completely new range of products to the construction of an entirely new IT-architecture, the high level of service of bol.com has been maintained at all times.




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