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Customers can place their orders via the web or by using a phone app. Schuberg Philis provides a safe, stable, flexible cloud environment in which all of these components work together without a hitch. How can these promises be translated into practice in online shopping, where everything goes much faster?


Jumbo consulted with several external parties to create a solid E-commerce platform and develop the associated apps. Jumbo chose Schuberg Philis to ensure that everything would work reliably and quickly.

Jürgen van Riel is ICT Manager for E-commerce at Jumbo Supermarkets: “We had to keep pace with what’s important for our customers, which meant strengthening our online presence. Our ‘click’ online offering is a supplement to our ‘bricks’ presence in physical stores.” In the early days of the program, Jumbo conducted research in the USA and England. The first pick-up points for E-commerce were launched toward the end of 2014 and coverage was almost nation-wide by the end of 2015. About five new pick-up points are being opened every week, and home delivery is the next step. The biggest challenge now is to fulfill the seven promises online.

Customers can place their orders via the web or by using a phone app. IceMobile built the app, and the Javelin Group built the website. Schuberg Philis provides a safe, stable, flexible cloud environment in which all of these components work together without a hitch.

Last year, Schuberg Philis also built the Access Management system, which regulates access to all applications with two-factor authentication, for workers and suppliers. Now it’s all working reliably and the system is stable.

Roland van den Berg

Director of E-commerce

"Now everything is in order, it’s time to accelelerate. Our aim is not just to meet customers expectations, but to surpass them."


Roland van den Berg, Director of E-commerce at Jumbo Supermarkets, says: “In ICT, people make the difference. Schuberg Philis has the ability to understand the ecosystem and monitor it as a whole. And, if something goes wrong once in a while, they are there straight away to fix it.” Van Riel, the ICT Manager, adds: “If there’s a problem, for example if information is not coming on screen quickly enough, there may be various causes. It could be the code, the hardware, the connection, or something else. All the specialists need to come together to examine the whole process, with each specialist looking beyond his own role in the process. They do that very well at Schuberg Philis.”

Kristian Vlaardingerbroek, Mission Critical Engineer, was involved from the very beginning. In fact he didn’t know much about retailing, but he saw that as an interesting challenge. The way they work at Jumbo appeals to him a lot: “Managers occasionally go to work as staff in a supermarket in order to keep in touch with the shop floor.” He is full of praise for Van den Berg: “Roland has really mastered the technology. He watches the screen and is always asking us what we are doing. At a certain point he knew parts of the system better than the developers. You also see him out with the delivery trucks, because he wants to understand everything. I really enjoy working for this customer.”


Now everything is in order, it’s time to accelerate. Our aim is not just to meet customers’ expectations, but to surpass them. New applications are implemented faster than ever, yet the performance of the platform must be guaranteed. Van Riel: “DevOps requires shorter lead times, making sprints with a dedicated team, keeping in touch with the wishes of the customers, and providing quick feedback. That took some getting used to at first, but I learned a lot from Schuberg Philis.” The server capacity must also be flexible and reliable. In the past, increasing capacity involved a long process. There would be a call for tenders. Now he just calls Schuberg Philis and it’s done the same day.

The company that initially managed Intershop proved to have difficulty with the agile working method of the rest of the team. Now Jumbo itself will manage the Intershop, together with Schuberg Philis and Eperium. In 2016, the development environment was also transferred to Schuberg Philis. Our best practices ‘Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery’ will help the developers to get a quick start. The development team will soon include five people from Jumbo, three from Eperium and nine from Schuberg Philis. Jumbo E-commerce, with the help of its partners, has quickly grown from being an online retail channel to become an ecosystem orchestrator.




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