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Our current customers’ mission critical applications are the basis of their growth.
Thus, their systems are now 100% operational under any circumstances and at all times.


We look for customers where our unique way of working will have most impact. We develop more than just IT-systems, we strive to turn the complete ecosystem into a highly effective environment that constantly evolves to an even more efficient state. This way, we ensure total control, while simultaneously equipping our customers for the future.


Our dedicated teams of expert engineers take full responsibility for the whole process: they build, manage and support the project. They are there from day one, in direct contact with the customer. They consider it their mission to ensure complete customer satisfaction. With the right people, everything is possible. In the cloud, we find fluid and ever-changing solutions to complex problems.


Because new markets and new societies offer an array of challenges, Schuberg Philis constantly helps our customers to turn new opportunities into business realities.



Jumbo Supermarkten

Jumbo E-commerce created a solid E-commerce platform and developed the associated apps to translate their 7 promises to online shopping. Jumbo chose Schuberg Philis as versatile partner to ensure that everything is integrated and works reliably and quickly. 


Rabobank International Direct Retail Banking

Rabobank International Direct Retail Banking (Rabobank IDRB) offers secure online banking to over 850.000 customers in six different countries across the globe.

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In nautical terms, a ship is ‘born’ when it leaves its port of origin. During the journey across thousands of miles of open ocean, the captain is in complete control.


Eneco Energy Trade

Supplying energy to over 2.2 million customers and managing power plants in Northern and Western Europe is an environmentally sensitive task.


LeasePlan Bank

LeasePlan Bank is 100% Dutch-owned, 100% a savings bank. There are no cash machines, big buildings or extensive service packets, just a team of some fifteen people. Together with the team at Schuberg Philis, they ensure that the savings of their 160,000 customers earn an attractive interest rate and are accessible 24 hours a day. 


Achmea Investment Management

Achmea Investment Management is entrusted with managing nearly 60 billion Euros for pension funds and institutional investors.



Leaving customers can often be a source of frustration and disappointment, not always for fair reasons. Because in most instances, the departure of a customer is a natural consequence of shifting strategic priorities, a new phase in the life cycle requiring different support, and so on. Whatever the reason may be, we always strive for maximum customer satisfaction, including for exits. We are there until the last moment, aiming to celebrate a 100% smooth and solid handover.


Van Lanschot EVI

The entire application platform around, was migrated from the Schuberg Philis cloud, where it had been hosted and managed the previous three years, to the cloud of the new infrastructure provider.



From 2009 until 2015 Schuberg Philis was responsible for their IT infrastructure. “We were aware from the start that we were dealing with experts.”

image is the leading e-retailer in The Netherlands and Flanders, annually providing 4,5 million customers with over seven million books, dvd’s and household appliances.