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We keep our customers moving forward by designing, building, and running their data landscapes. These landscapes are often developed in public cloud environments, but there is diversity in implementation: no customer is the same. We have data lake environments on our own SBP Cloud, AWS, Azure and more.

As a Data Engineer you will be focusing on the technical side of data management. You will create a clear strategy and implementation for data platform services. Data as a business enabler that really makes a difference on a day-to-day basis for your customer. Data models, data sovereignty, data governance, data compliance, auditability, availability, security, cleansing, mining, segmenting, are things that make you excited as you want to deliver quality.

You get to actively explore, design, build and run data platforms in Azure, AWS, or our own SBP Cloud. Colleagues that work on different projects or with different customers will come to you and the team for knowledge and expertise. Your work is customer-focused but will also contribute to expanding and maturing the Schuberg Philis data landscape architecture and its initiatives.

Your drive is creating business value instead of looking at scorecards or just the technology aspect. You really want to use technology as a business enabler. It is about finding the best solution to your client’s challenges, requirements, landscape, prerequisites, maturity level and strategy (just to name a few) and taking ownership of that solution is what makes you feel good. You love to bring a solution to life and to experience that your design and your implementation is making a difference.

We believe that it is important for you to embrace continuous learning by keeping up to speed with the latest technology trends, and you love to share these learnings with others.

About you on team level:

On a team level, you will be involved in the data strategy of the customer, and you will be working together with data scientists and BI specialists. Next to this you will also be helping other teams with their own data initiatives.

We cherish a growth mindset and open communication in our self-steering teams is a must. This implies that you can work independently as well as part of your team towards a solution. When things get tight in a project, your team members will back you up and you will do the same vice versa. It is experts supporting experts.

Some important hard skills for this position:

  • Experience with SQL
  • Experience with Azure (SQL DB, SQL Managed Instance, SQL Azure VM)
  • Experience with Azure Data Factory
  • Experience with Azure Data Lake Storage (Blob Storage)
  • Experience with Python, R and Spark
  • Experience with supporting Azure Services such as:
    • Azure Event Hub
    • Azure Logic Apps
    • Azure Synapse Analytics
    • Azure Data Share Experience with public clouds

We see experience in Jupyter, Database systems (Oracle or SQL Server), Azure Cosmos, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Search and Azure Purview as a nice addition to the existing team.

What is your Data DNA?

At Schuberg Philis, it is all about the people, about you! We are a true engineering company and that is why we cherish expertise. We call ourselves ‘Makers of IT at the heart of business’ and we believe that by placing experts in the lead, we can deliver the best solution for our clients. You and the customer team are responsible for delivering on our 100% promise. Your promise is your delivery and that is being entrepreneurial on engineering level. Taking responsibility and showing commitment is part of your DNA. We want you to be happy by being the best you can be, to think creatively and to put a piece of yourself into the solutions that we provide to our clients.

It is all about you, how you set up your work in a way that lets you be truly effective. We make sure you are not weighed down by administration or anything else that could get in the way of performing at your best. We often say, doing things the way you want them to. By doing so, you will experience that being a Data Engineer at Schuberg Philis is more than just a job. It is becoming who you are. Being able to show the best version of you without a corporate mask. We want you to become part of our family, our values, and our culture and that is why, working at Schuberg Philis is more than just a Data Engineering position.

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