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Utility companies in the Netherlands are experiencing growing pains as they face greater service demands and comply with global sustainability goals. How to best power homes and businesses is a puzzle-in-progress. Read more about how Enexis stays flexible and saves money in an era of extreme energy fluctuation.

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05 AR20 Digital Trust Framework

Digital Trust Framework

More and more companies are migrating to the public cloud, which allows them to innovate faster and in a more business-oriented way. This means their IT environments are becoming increasingly connected, which in turn affects the risk profile. After all, such companies are spreading sensitive data across several cloud services, and that impacts their ability to control the process and comply with laws and regulations. This is why Schuberg Philis offers its Digital Trust Framework: a solid foundation for the analysis, setup and management of cloud environments on enterprise scale.

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Schubergphilis website Portret Team 3

Cloud Engineer - Azure

In this role, you will be guiding the development of the mission critical Azure solutions.

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03 AR20 The Essence Of Missioncritical IT van

The essence of mission-critical IT

The question behind the question—that’s where the real problem is typically found.

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