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Webinar AWS

No matter how ambitious the goals and far-out ideas of businesses may seem, the foundation of every organization has to be solid. The cloud enables businesses to innovate and experiment, even while being firmly focused on bettering daily operations or problem-solving. Our believe is that experimenting with innovative ideas and keeping a good night's sleep go hand in hand, because the daily operations run smoothly.

By understanding what is needed now and visualising what is wanted tomorrow, organizations quickly benefit from cloud technology. It empowers them to respond quickly and to accelerate immediately. This way strategic business value can be created.

During the webinar, CTO Roeland Kuipers will take you through the learnings of Schuberg Philis: How to combine realistic choices with visionary plans for the best result in the cloud. Sign up below.

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Roeland Kuipers

Roeland Kuipers, CTO of Schuberg Philis, has over two decades of IT experience. He is always looking for the right technology to create the greatest value for the business. He has done this for a wide range of industries, including financial services, government & public sector, utilities and manufacturing. He believes that business strengthens innovation and vice versa. For him, innovation is not about innovating for the sake of innovating, but about focusing on the real needs of the business and increasing value and market power by applying leading edge technology in a safe way. Organizations should always be in control.

Roeland, together with his colleagues, is responsible for tangible growth or progress of the customers with the in-house Lab 271 at Schuberg Philis, strengthening their competitive position. Difficult IT challenges are translated into concrete applications, which they call a Proof of Value. This Proof of Value can be scaled up immediately after proven success.