Every IT request emerges from a human need to improve everyday life. Responding to those needs, we give advice based on intimate knowledge of your business, your industry, and your technology. So, while experience and expertise guide our consultancy, side-by-side cooperation with customers brings solutions to life.

Companies with mission-critical activities need an IT partner that listens. Our consulting expertise is rooted in the belief that 100% impact doesn’t just hinge on providing state-of-the-art technology. It comes from our consistent practice of taking time to understand the people who work in an organization and are impacted by its everyday IT. By staying curious and open-minded about how our customers see their problem and its potential fixes, we offer solutions that are analytical, value-predictable, creative, and, above all, human-centric.

Our consulting services have been fine-tuned over our decades of outsourcing experience and proactive investment in learning and experimenting with ways to help organizations regardless of their industry or art. The value tracking methodology we use starts by co-creating a value tree with our customers. We then translate our findings to a draft business case, iterate, validate, and only then execute a solution. By working with concept sprints and proofs of value, we stay focused on what really matters for companies: generating greater, steadier business value

Dialogue sessions are also integral to how we work. That’s because we want to know what’s on our customers’ minds and encourage their experts to exchange ideas with our own experts. Whether advising on cloud, data, software, or security, we embrace service blueprinting because it lets us fully grasp a production process, while at the same time connecting users and stakeholders to the technology. In this sense, we identify pains and gains in real time. From there, we often discover a foundation and roadmap for scaling and running stable, secure, and resilient IT. And while supporting you to stay in control of your company’s digital transformation, we always keep our doors and minds open – and ready to listen.

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