Data enables decisions based on facts and figures rather than feelings. That empowers companies to do data-driven business, which lets them achieve their greater business goals.

And thanks to cloud computing, with its cost-effective storage and analytics services, we can help our customers to do more than ever with data – and get more in return.

Data was once expensive for companies to harvest and, if harvested, often reported as some static historical figure. But cloud computing changed this. Public providers and the cloud’s flexible, scalable nature have made data storage, management, and analytics accessible and inexpensive. So as our customers move more and more to the cloud, we’re helping them create more business value from their data. We devote much time and focus to tracking public cloud developments and understanding how to exploit its cost-effective storage and virtually elastic computing power.

Our data science experience and engineering capabilities take shape in a range of services. We design and build pipelines to ingest data from IoT devices, on-premise databases, and a variety of other sources, including non-traditional ones with unstructured data. We always present the use case result in a user-friendly way, such as an API, a dashboard, a bespoke frontend, or a machine-learning environment. We keep up with the market’s booming demand for data as much as we do with the regulatory bodies’ evolving laws and rules to control it. That means the cloud-based data analytics environments we create stay fully secure and compliant. And though we thrive at executing end-to-end solutions, we’re equally at home providing just some or parts of these services.

Even when companies come to us with IT questions, our objective remains to address the business issues beneath what may appear to be technology issues. This is why we rely on data engineering, data management, and data science as tools for solving business problems. We use data to define, build, and ultimately solve business challenges. This often involves creating and maintaining models as well as, conversely, translating information into insights that help leaders make data-driven decisions in their daily operations. And if you, like many of our customers, rely on data projects that require 100% uptime and accuracy, you’ll see how mission-critical data become business-critical data.

Jochem van Leeuwen

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