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We empower organizations to fully benefit from a digital transformation by keeping them secure and compliant.

The key to accelerating any digital transformation is trust. This holds true for every organization, whether it’s a bank operating in a highly regulated market, a public institution working to uphold digital democracy, or a large enterprise with a complex supply chain. What we call our digital trust framework ensures that all our customers stay secure and compliant, whatever their industry. At the same time, it lets us weigh the exact benefits of their business decisions against ever-growing risks, laws, and regulations.

Our watertight framework consists of five keystones: resilience, controls, testing, responsibility, and compliance. These values are fortified in our best-practice secure-by-design landing zone, optional building blocks, and world-class public cloud controls. Our disaster-proof architecture generates resilience, while combatting VUCA (that is, volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity). For our key controls, we practice continuous testing and insight gathering, both of which are enabled by high levels of digitization. Thanks to our shared responsibility model, we remain clear on responsibilities of all third parties involved in the chain. And we ensure customers maintain full compliance, whether in the form of sound contracts, proper approvals, or environments that respect regulations and everyday citizens’ privacy.

This expertise reflects our many years of experience with, investment in, and multi-disciplinary consulting on digital trust. Because we have strong partnerships with multiple cloud vendors, we can initiate the right conversations with the right parties about trust solutions that are right for our cloud computing customers. For example, we can do deep dives on encryption technology, tear apart how a company’s sub-outsourcing works, and carry out on-site inspections. This lets us help our customers – notably, financial institutions – meet requirements from regulators and auditors in ways that are proactive, holistic, and always accurate. Our guiding principle is to build security into all foundations, yet at any and every opportunity thereafter, to implement solutions that boost your efficiency, preparedness, and peace of mind.

"We may historically be known for our mission-critical infrastructure, but security and compliance have always been part and parcel of every single solution. We insist on having the whole system in the room. We believe that you have to break down the language barriers within organizations and be fluent in tech, business, compliance and regulation to achieve and maintain security and compliance soundly, quickly, automatedly and profitably." Sandeep Gangaram Panday

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