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Our priority has always been to focus on digital activities that have strategic value for our customers and require specialist IT advice.

The difference between regular IT and mission‐critical IT is clear as day: something is mission‐critical if the chief officer wants to be called in the middle of the night when there’s a problem. It’s IT that directly enables primary operations, sustains the core business, and therefore simply must work.

From start to finish, whatever solution we provide is designed, built, and run by the same committed team of experts. Ensuring your mission-critical operations stay stable, secure, and resilient is the reason our experts team up with your experts at every step of the way. Working closely together, our teams put experts in the lead to deliver on their own promises, catalyzing digital changes for more efficient daily operations and 100% impact.

We make it a habit of hiring specialists who love mastering complexity, especially when inaccuracy, incompleteness, or delay can heavily impact societies or economies. Yet, after decades of handling mission‐critical technologies, including in highly competitive markets, we understand that a company’s success is not determined by state-of-the-art technology. Success lies in being able to generate greater, steadier business value.

"In essence, our customers’ real challenges are never IT related. Most of our work is in areas that are fundamental to their business. Our teams of experts ensure that your mission-critical operation is running soundly, so that you always get a good night’s rest. And together we can focus on building your future today."

David Pavlovic

SBP Ilja Heijtlager

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