Industry 4.0


The fourth industrial revolution bridges human knowledge, talent, and labor with the power of machines, factories, and manufacturing processes.

To ensure this bridge is as strong as can be, we help ensure that each component is robust, resilient, and perfectly compatible with all the others. By taking the individual links as our starting point rather than the full-length chain, we find solutions for the factory floor that are actually feasible.

Our bridging solutions provide greater, richer insights to deliver instant value through data and digital transformation strategies. Collected, analyzed, and applied, all the relevant data guides better decision-making and strategic planning. Crucially, it also makes for a more efficient shopfloor and happier shopfloor operators. In short, your enterprise’s same assets and same operations lead to more output.

Industry 4.0 emphasizes automation, interconnectedness, and data-driven decision-making, all of which have quick, if not instant benefits. This era demands that we support our customers as expeditiously as possible. Our new data and digital platform in combination with a 16-week approach, as we call it, enables organizations to create new digital services without having to revamp their entire IT architecture. From the factory production line to the shop floor, these digital features accelerate the work of enterprises. At the same time, their elegance – best highlighted in cloud computing – provides room to innovate and experiment with little risk or commitment. And within four swift months, we can have a proof of value.

As a leader in business IT that embraces Industry 4.0, we guarantee the 100% uptime of mission-critical operations while also providing you deeper, quicker insights. This leads to increased output and productivity while reducing the chance for human error and empowering practitioners with knowledge and real-time data. More efficient processes prevent the waste of energy and other resources, supporting larger goals for more sustainable production and consumption.

"In essence, our customers’ real challenges are never IT related. Most of our work is in areas that are fundamental to their business. Our teams of experts ensure that your mission-critical operation is running soundly, so that you always get a good night’s rest. And together we can focus on building your future today."

David Pavlovic

Marc Udo

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