Security, risk & compliance


Security, risk, and compliance have always been part of our DNA. So has the commitment to unburdening our customers as much as possible.

That’s why we integrate security and risk specialists with all teams that work on your projects and ensure their expertise is reflected in each solution.

As much as mission-critical operations need state-of-the-art technology, they also need a solid foundation for safeguarding IT landscapes and equipping enterprises with security and compliance control. We’ve closely witnessed this through our long-time partnerships with financial institutions. Such companies require solutions that are performant and functional as well as capable of meeting demanding auditing and compliance requirements.

Our digital trust framework offers insights into risks and problem areas while also enabling ways to resolve current complications and prevent potential new ones. As an IT partner fluent not just in technology, but also in the languages of business, compliance, and regulation, we translate your organization’s priorities into security, risk management, and compliance solutions with 100% impact. Doing so, we also empower you to protect your own customers’ assets.

"We may historically be known for our mission-critical infrastructure, but security and compliance have always been part and parcel of every single solution. We insist on having the whole system in the room. We believe that you have to break down the language barriers within organizations and be fluent in tech, business, compliance and regulation to achieve and maintain security and compliance soundly, quickly, automatedly and profitably." Sandeep Gangaram Panday

SBP Sandeep Gangaram Panday

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