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Security, risk, and compliance have always been part of our DNA. So has the commitment to unburdening our customers as much as possible. We integrate security and risk specialists with all teams that work on your projects and ensure their expertise is reflected in each solution.

Digital resiliency by design

From security assessment to digital resiliency strategy

Resiliency and security are twin priorities for digital strategy, amidst constant volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. As much as Financials need state-of-the-art technology, they also need a solid foundation for safeguarding IT landscapes and equipping their enterprise with security. We’ve closely witnessed this through our long-time partnerships with financial institutions. Such companies require solutions that are performant and functional as well as capable of meeting demanding auditing and compliance requirements

Our frameworks offer insights into risks and problem areas while also enabling ways to resolve current complications and prevent potential new ones. As an IT partner fluent not just in technology, but also in the languages of business, compliance, and regulation, we translate your organization’s priorities into security solutions with 100% impact. Doing so, we also empower protecting your assets.

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Security from the edge

Financial Services continues to be one of the most widely attacked industries. Web application and API attacks are increasing at an alarming rate while also growing in complexity. Enterprises are to be safeguarded, meaning clamming up and ringfencing the web applications utilizing the edge.
Content Delivery Networks (CDN) provide security, performance and availability and evolved. Next stage is utilizing edge data and integration with the core systems of the enterprise. How to build an adaptive security engine for secure application & API protection and content delivery?

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Breaking the ransomware kill chains

Ransomware can paralyze a victimized enterprise. It has real-world consequences and causes irreversible damage. The urgency to act will soon become palpable due to European regulations, e.g. NIS2 and DORA. 50% of enterprises worldwide lack a response plan. It is clear they are struggling to identify, much less implement, the right security measures to protect themselves. Based on the outcome of assessments, organizations can determine which controls are needed to break the ransomware kill chain. It is crucial to respond properly, and especially to be prepared for a No-IT scenario!

NEW: Schuberg Philis and Norea introduce a new ransomware framework as an addendum to your own security frameworks. Get the report and framework here.

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Security in DevOps

Building golden paths for DevOps

We deliver golden paths in pipelines for developers, as they are the sticky glue that brings tools together. That’s how we ensure a smooth development and deployment experience for engineers. By providing developers with a reduced set of proven tool choices, we allow them to build, deploy and operate security.

Our SecOps expert team works closely with the DevOps teams. They can start pragmatic and scaling operations in order to run and meet security standards. In all cases, building security implies either quick fixes or the rejuvenation, building, or rebuilding of applications.

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