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Data Management-as-a-Service by Schuberg Philis wins Commvault award

Schuberg philis has won the Commvault service provider innovation award, in recognation for their new Data Management-as-a-Service (DMS) solution.
Commvault, leader in enterprise data protection and information management, has appointed Schuberg Philis as winner of their Service Provider Innovation Award. The award was presented by Commvault CEO Bob Hammer, who came over to the Netherlands for the occasion. Schuberg Philis won the innovation award, in recognition for the development of their Data Management-as-a-Service (DMS) solution. The award-winning solution uses Commvault Simpana 10 and is running on the Schuberg Philis Mission Critical CloudStack Infrastructure. Users can manage their data protection securely and efficiently in a seamless manner, while guaranteeing the data integrity and 100% uptime. DMS is a centralized back-up/restore and archiving platform which is multi-tenant and cloud based.
The team at Schuberg Philis has combined Commvault Simpana 10 with SQL 2012 AlwaysON, S3 Object based storage and multi-tenant tape library technology with end-to-end encryption. As one of the first in the world this solution integrates these technologies in production whilst meeting the stringent requirements set out for the solution. To meet these goals the team at Schuberg Philis developed the new platform in close cooperation with the Commvault development team. The team at Commvault was instrumental in assisting and enabling modifications of the application when required and the release of patches for issues that were found during the design and proof-of-concept phases of the implementation.
The DMS-development team at Schuberg Philis consists of David Prytula, Brenn Oosterbaan, Onno van den Berg. Brenn Oosterbaan, Mission Critical Engineer at Schuberg Philis explains the advantages of working this way: “The multi-tenant DMS solution enables us to quickly and easily migrate and add new customers to the platform. Thus it cuts down time to implement and manage data protection for our clients whilst still providing best-of-breed availability and performance at a lower TCO for both Schuberg Philis and our customers. DMS is currently live and running production customers with great feedback from our internal teams and customers.”
David Prytula, Mission Critical Engineer at Schuberg Philis adds: “Each component in the solution is highly available and provides automated failover between multiple segregated physical data-centers with no required human interaction. The DMS solution also includes automated reporting and ticketing interfacing to Jira (Ticket management tool) and Tableau (Data Analytics and BI Tool) and our ‘Connect-portal’ portal to enable our customers and support teams to easily manage the environment.
The Data management as a service solution is designed in a way that multiple customer profiles can make use of the platform, ranging from internal physical/cloud platforms and external cloud customers utilizing a range of dedicated/shared/hybrid storage options to manage their data requirements.”



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