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Privacy notice - office and data center access

Who we are1


Schuberg Philis has its registered office in the town of Schiphol-Rijk in the Netherlands, at Boeingavenue 271, 1119PD.

Schuberg Philis is responsible (the “controller”) for data processing in accordance with the General Regulations on Data Protection, in the Netherlands referred to as the “Algemene verordening gegevensbescherming” (AVG).
We encourage you to read this privacy statement for detailed information about how we deal with your data.

Your permission

By requesting access to our offices, and /or datacenter, you agree that Schuberg Philis may collect your personal data, and use it in accordance with this privacy statement. If you do not agree that your personal data may be used in this way, then unfortunately we cannot grant you access to our offices, or datacenter2

Schuberg Philis will only collect and use your personal data with due regard for the relevant legislation, and regulations.

We may ask you for supplementary personal information, or to give further permission to use your data, for example if you want unaccompanied access to our offices, or datacenter.

What kind of information do we collect?

In this privacy statement, "personal data" refers to information, or elements of information from which you could be identified. This is usually information such as your name; address; photograph, or other imagery; signature, fingerprint, email address and (mobile) telephone number.

We may collect and process your personal data as follows:

  • in our visitor registration system;
  • from CCTV recordings from cameras located in and around our premises;
  • from videos, or photographs taken during an event;
  • in our badge and building access control system to allow for unaccompanied access;
  • in our fingerprint readers located at specific data rooms.

How do we use your personal data?

We can use your personal data:

  • to validate and grant you access to our building, data center or data rooms
  • to prove to our customers, and their auditors that only authorized people have had access to our offices, data center, and data rooms;
  • to maintain an overview of the people on our premises for emergency and/or evacuation purposes;
  • to maintain an overview of the people on our premises who are qualified for First Aid, or Emergency Response.

Who do we share your personal data with?

As a rule, we do not share your personal data with anyone outside Schuberg Philis. However, there are some trusted third parties with whom we may share your personal data:

  • external service suppliers to whom we have outsourced services to support our business;
  • law enforcement services, and other government services, so far as they have followed a legal procedure to ask us to provide the information to them.

By providing your personal data to Schuberg Philis, you grant us permission to process your personal data, in accordance with the conditions of this privacy statement, and the relevant legislation, and regulations on data protection.

How long do we store your personal data for?

The retention periods that we apply, based on the relevant legally stipulated retention periods, and directives from the Netherlands Authority on Personal Data, are:

  • visitor registration system – 18 months, to meet the requirements of our customers, and their auditors;
  • CCTV recordings – 28 days;
  • videos, and photographs taken during an event with you as a spectator – indefinitely;
  • videos, and photographs taken during an event with you as a focal point (e.g. presenter) – as agreed;
  • badge and building access control system – upto 18 months after your association with Schuberg Philis has ended;
  • fingerprint – the hashes of your fingerprints are located on your personalized badge and thus destroyed with the destruction of said badge.

Protecting your personal data

We take all reasonable preventive measures to protect your personal data, and we require third parties that process, or handle your personal data for us to do likewise.

Access to your personal data is limited to prevent unauthorized access, change, or misuse. Access is only permitted for our colleagues, and third parties on a need-to-know basis.

Your rights, and who to approach

If you have comments to make, or questions to ask about how we deal with your personal data, you can contact the colleague with whom you spoke previously or contact us by clicking on the ‘Contact’ link on the Schuberg Philis website.

You are entitled to tell us that:

  • you do not wish to be filmed, or photographed during an event;
  • you want a copy of the personal data that we hold about you;
  • you want us to correct, amend, or remove your personal data in our systems; * you want to report the possible misuse of your personal data (via dpo at schubergphilis.com).

To assist us in processing your request, you will need to provide enough information for us to validate you request.

Changes in our privacy statement

We may change this privacy statement from time to time, by placing an amended version of the statement on the Schuberg Philis website. We will inform you of a possibly relevant change within a reasonable period. However, we advise you to review the statement regularly in order to keep up to date with the ways we use your personal data.

1) Van deze privacyverklaring is ook een Nederlandse versie beschikbaar.

2) With the exception of photographs or video recordings made during events.



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