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Schuberg Philis appoints Michel van de Coevering as CFO

Outsourcing service provider Schuberg Philis has appointed Michel van de Coevering (47) as CFO per 1 January 2016. 
Outsourcing service provider Schuberg Philis has appointed Michel van de Coevering (47) as CFO per 1 January 2016. Most recently, Michel has been CFO at specialist merchant bank Kempen & Co in Amsterdam for eight years. In that role Michel was responsible for Finance & Control and Risk Management, as well as ICT and Operations. He started his career at McKinsey & Company as a management consultant in strategy and organisation, for a large part in financial services and logistics. After McKinsey, Michel worked at Kempen & Co as a corporate finance advisor, among others in the ICT and Business Services sectors.

Michel van de Coevering knows Schuberg Philis since the start of the company in 2002, when he was involved as a sounding board for the three founders. He has witnessed the tremendous development of the organization. Michel is excited to join Schuberg Philis to contribute to the future development of the company. Michel: “I am particularly impressed with the DNA of Schuberg Philis, which brings out the best in the talented people that are working here. The culture is characterized by empowerment, trust, collaboration, innovation and learning. From the beginning, this has led to long-term highly satisfied customers. And it will also be the basis for the future development of Schuberg Philis. I am very much looking forward to be part of that complex, innovative, disruptive future.”

Philip Dries, Managing Director at Schuberg Philis: “Michel brings with him a wealth of experience in business strategy and finance. We consider him to be a strong strategist and a source of inspiration for professional service firms like us that seek the next level. He has the ability to help teams to make critical decisions, based on context, facts and intuition. Schuberg Philis has obtained a unique position in very demanding and dynamic market. With Michel on board of our team, we are taking a big step to grow our position as a leading independent and innovative business technology company.”

About Schuberg Philis
As IT outsourcing partner, Schuberg Philis focuses exclusively on the application landscapes that are critical to the mission of organizations and society. Dedicated teams with full responsibility solve the customers’ most complex IT-challenges, enabling them to seize new opportunities in a world full of disruptive change. With a staff of 186, the company had a turnover of €51 million in 2014. 



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