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Schuberg Philis grows substantially by implementing transformations

Schuberg Philis grew substantially last year by engaging in diverse new customers with long-term relationships, such as PostNL, Enexis group, Business Lease and Geld Service Nederland. The company is frequently asked to help establish digital transformations, making complex application landscapes future-ready and develop them further. In addition to implementing large-scale public and private cloud transitions, this includes dealing with IT legacy and support for DevOps teams.

This has resulted in an 18% rise in turnover, from €50.3 to €59.3 million. The company’s prospects look equally favorable, given that it has contracted turnover of €116 million. Staff numbers have grown from 224 to 285, in response to the growing customer base and the wider range of services Schuberg Philis is offering. The higher personnel costs resulted in a lower net profit of 3.2 million euros (5% of turnover).

Making room for further growth

To make room for further growth, and to keep its customer-focused model of autonomous teams scalable, the company’s organizational structure has been adapted. The leadership team has been expanded and brought closer to the customer. The 22 customer teams are now grouped into three Greater Customer Teams (GCTs), each with its own mandate and three-person leadership. The combined GCT leadership has taken over overall responsibility for day-to-day management from the three founders, Pim Berger, Philip Dries, and Gerwin Schuring.

Pim Berger – co-founder of Schuberg Philis – puts it this way: “With the transfer of day-to-day management, alongside the other organizational changes, we are ready for the next step, while maintaining our strongly customer-oriented culture. We as founders will remain fully active, but in a different role. We will focus mainly on the long-term development of Schuberg Philis as a whole. In the past year we have invested a lot in new skills in the field of cloud-native and serverless computing, and their implications for software development, security, and data management. We’ve also been working on developing competencies relevant to open cooperation with customers, as our specialists are operating increasingly closer to their businesses.”

About Schuberg Philis

Schuberg Philis operates as a co-worker for organizations that have committed to working on their digital transformation in a controlled way. Since it was first established, its distinctive strength has been its self-managing teams of experts, who are taking responsibility for every promise made. Its focus is on achieving 100% results and long-term customer satisfaction in complex, rapidly changing mission-critical environments. Our customers need acceleration and agility as well as stability and cost-effectiveness. The Schuberg Philis strategy is to work closely with the customer’s business and with external partners, in combination with extensive automation of its own processes and an integrated approach to the IT landscape. 

The complete online edition of the annual report can be found at https://annualreport2017.schubergphilis.com



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