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Schuberg Philis launches green karting at ISP Kart Competition 2012

For the fourth year Schuberg Philis is 100% sponsor of the ISP Kart Competition. This popular event celebrated the tenth edition. This year’s theme was good old-fashioned Dutch ‘gezelligheid’ combined with refined snacks and music brought by DJ Charles. As always, Schuberg Philis was present with an own race team, headed by captain Mike Dielen. For the first time, the team imposed an extra ‘handicap’ on itself, by racing with a 100% electric cart in the sponsor race. Even so, the team won both the endurance and the sponsor race! The winners donated the prize  to the Schuberg Philis Alpe d’Huzes 2012 team.



Schuberg Philis heeft zich aangesloten bij wijhelpenziekenhuizen.nl

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