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Maximum scores within new Giarte ‘IT Experience’ model

Giarte 2020 benchmark survey: IT Experience

Schiphol-Rijk, 28 July 2020
Schuberg Philis has been awarded with top scores in the annual Giarte IT Experience survey.

Erik-Jan Kool, Managing Director of Schuberg Philis, commented: “We are very proud of this customer recognition, during an exciting year of growth, transformation and acceleration. This year Giarte introduced a new model with a strong emphasis on two important indicators of our industry: how competent we are and how strong our focus is on serving the needs of our customers. We’re very pleased that we received high scores for our competencies as well as our customer focus. For instance, we received a score of 94 (out of 100) on ‘Schuberg Philis has the right expertise and skills to provide the services’ and a score of 93 on ‘Schuberg Philis puts in the effort to satisfy us as a customer’. This once again confirms our 100% dedication to the mission-critical activities of our customers and to customer satisfaction. We see that the right combination of expertise, skills and a customer-centric attitude leads more and more to substantial impact on our customers’ business.”

These scores lead to a No. 1 position in the new Competencies ranking* and a No. 1 position in the new Customer Focus ranking*.

In addition, the survey results show that our customers remain big fans of Schuberg Philis. Schuberg Philis has 88% fans (Peer Group Large benchmark is 60%) of which 47% is a Superfan (“absolutely would recommend Schuberg Philis”) The 2020 Giarte IT Experience report measures customer loyalty and satisfaction with IT Services suppliers. This national survey is based on evaluations from 974 CIOs and IT executives of top-level Dutch companies and large public organizations.

* In the “large-size providers” category. 



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