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Schuberg Philis is looking for Customer Delivery Directors to realize our growth and ambitions. In this role you are, together with the Sales Director, responsible for all aspects of the Delivery & Operations and the relationship with the customer. You can shape transformation projects, manage/deliver them, transition into a run scenario, steer on service levels, and do all this with a team of engineers while keeping the client happy. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate measure of success.

The role

What a Customer Delivery Director will do depends on the type of customer opportunity (need/type of project/environment), industry or even your specialism. Overall, this exciting opportunity includes the following activities and responsibilities:

Operational Excellence & Delivery

  • End responsible for all client activities – operations, service management, delivery, incidents, escalations, and problem resolution. Safeguarding security, audit, and compliance standards.
  • Infuse new initiatives: Initiate initiatives, starting of Proof of Concept (PoC) and/or Proof of Value (PoV) to further build on an idea/capability/proposition; Drive innovations
  • P&L responsible; occupancy, demand forecasts, formation planning

Relationship Management (together with the Sales director)

  • Stakeholder management: Establish a sound understanding of the client organization (DMU, change agents, project, and run organization); make connections at operational, tactical, and strategic levels within the client organization
  • Client ecosystem management: Understanding, anticipating, and influencing the client partner ecosystem

Client Account Development (together with the Sales director)

  • Value creation: Creating value to the client’s business together with a team of sales, engineers, and partners
  • Vision engineering: Collaborate with the client to architect/actively participate in giving form to their vision
  • Farming: Within existing client accounts, identify potential new business opportunities, develop, and implement these

People & Culture

  • Culture & DNA: Create a continuous learning mindset in the self-steering/no manager/experts in the lead culture team. Leading by example with a leadership style that will stimulate, facilitate, and enable trust and respect, and safeguard SBP DNA.
  • Team wellbeing/happiness: The Arc of influence for this position is substantial, things such as inclusiveness, sensitivity, mentoring, addressing the climate and creating optimal team dynamics become of paramount importance. Ensure inclusiveness and facilitate culture absorption, especially when new members arrive in the team

What we are looking for

To operate successfully within this role, we are looking for someone with the following skills and experience:

  • A passion for technology, broad interests, and a curious personality. Could be anything: Cloud, software, (business) consultancy/transition, data.
  • Knowledge and understanding in one or more of the following areas: Digital Transformation, Software Development, Cloud Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Security, DevOps.
  • Knowledge of one or more of the following sectors: financial services, logistics, energy, retail, or government.
  • Thrives in a dynamic, self-managing organization in which everyone harnesses their respective qualities. Shared responsibility of the whole.
  • Entrepreneurial, fast acting; experience with a successful, fast-growing company is a plus.
  • Result driven with an eye for detail without losing track of the bigger picture (helicopter view).
  • Sincere, dares to be vulnerable, aware of own development and areas for improvement, respectful, in balance and a sense of humor.
  • Higher education or equivalent level of analytical skills, verbal/written proficiency in English or Dutch.
  • Delivery management: Has experience in leading and managing the delivery of complex transformation projects/programs.
  • Vision engineering: Able to sketch an ambitious but realistic vision of the future, in which technological innovations are linked to the customer's business, and vice versa.

How we work

Our organization is characterized by self-managing teams, which are directly responsible for the execution of the customer promise: achieving 100% results and long-term customer satisfaction. Independent research gives Schuberg Philis the highest average customer satisfaction score of 8.8 (Source: Giarte 2019). We do this by building on each other's strengths, in self-steering multidisciplinary teams. Within the teams there is a high entrepreneurial spirit and a great focus on delivering high quality hassle-free, we do this by enabling and empowering our team’s decision making at its core, with experts in the lead.

Schuberg Philis

Founded in 2001, Schuberg Philis is an innovative, self-funded and technology-driven company. We offer a broad range of 100% IT services for customers who want to realize their digital transformation and have grown from offering dedicated infrastructure management to an enabler for enhanced ‘business-critical ecosystems’, helping its customers to drastically improve their core processes, such as a significant acceleration of the introduction of new services and products, and digital transformations.

Our goal is to take the load off our customers’ shoulders by automating processes as far as possible and bringing business and IT in one effective flow. We also comply with the highest international risk management and corporate governance standards, while remaining flexible to evolving customer needs. Among our +25 happy customers are Leaseplan, CCV, Heineken, BNPP, Geldmaat, Enexis, Jumbo and PostNL. Our customers place high demands on both acceleration and flexibility, as well as stability and cost-effectiveness. We can provide and orchestrate the full technology stack: from cloud layer and midlayer to comprehensive application management. Everything we do is cloud-based: we run online banks and businesses/public critical environments in AWS, Azure, Google and in our private mission critical cloud - Cosmic.


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