Data Capability Lead

Data traditionally has been an underutilized company asset. This is changing rapidly as companies are starting to see the potential value of their data. Tools for turning this data into tangible value have become more accessible and easier than before. Due to cloud services and the current state of technology it is easier and more affordable than ever to analyze large amount of structured and unstructured data.

Realizing value from data will be a journey for most of our customers. From descriptive to predictive analytics, starting from a foundational data capability. Schuberg Philis has identified data as a new territory to explore and this is part of the wider growth ambition 2025

“Data” is a broad statement and could cover a lot of topics, from data quality towards data driven decisions towards data modelling and everything what is in between. On purpose we did not limited our self so that we can keep an open view to the data world and explore it with an open mindset. However, as a starting point we created four main areas of attention.

  • Data Science & AI – Analyzing data, predicting outcomes, and turning this into business value.
  • Data Engineering – Facilitating Data Science to be able to focus on realizing value and operationalizing models in a sustainable way.
  • Data Management – Making sure data is reliable, governed, auditable and compliant.
  • IoT – capturing data points & events from sensors, devices, and PLCs for relevant use-cases.

Schuberg Philis is searching for a Data Capability Lead to build, establish the fundamental basis of a data capability and will help to make/create the success of the data potential. The lead will work closely together with the leads for other capabilities to develop and the Labs team, responsible for the overall innovation at Schuberg Philis. The lead will work with a small team of experts which functions as a center of excellence towards the existing customer organization and has two main priorities:

  1. Continue building the “data capability fundament” This means building knowledge/having a vision/strategy, designing the processes, determining the required data architecture, way of working, communication (sales pitches, whitepapers etc), develop training, determine right tooling, develop best practices, productize the industry approach/products etc. Everything what is needed to create the fundamentals for success.
  2. Actively support the existing customer organization teams with the development of new data opportunities at the customers of Schuberg Philis or potential new customers. The focus of the support is enabling to customer teams to do it first together with the data accelerator team and later on that the customer team can do it them self.

Ideally, we are looking for someone with the following skills and experience

  • Data Visionary: extensive and proven data experience in a broad sense of the word “Data”
  • Leadership: ability to maintain the right focus, to build a success story and is not afraid of potential fallbacks or uncertainty
  • Ability to lead and work together with a team towards the future
  • Hands-on and is a self-starter
  • Access to a broad network of (potential) customers
  • Experience with complex sales cycles and is able to talk on Cx level
  • Experience with ML/AI practices
  • Fluent English communication skills and ideally fluent Dutch skills as well

How we work

Our organization is characterized by self-managing teams, which are directly responsible for the execution of the customer promise: achieving 100% results and long-term customer satisfaction. Independent research gives Schuberg Philis the highest average customer satisfaction score of 8.8 (Source: Giarte2020). We do this by building on each other's strengths, in self-steering multidisciplinary teams. Within the teams there is a high entrepreneurial spirit and a great focus on delivering high quality hassle-free, we do this by enabling and empowering our team’s decision making at its core, with experts in the lead.

Schuberg Philis

Founded in 2001, Schuberg Philis is an innovative, self-funded and technology-driven company. We offer a broad range of 100% IT services for customers who want to realize their digital transformation and have grown from offering dedicated infrastructure management to an enabler for enhanced ‘business-critical ecosystems’, helping its customers to drastically improve their core processes, such as a significant acceleration of the introduction of new services and products, and digital transformations. We achieved a turnover of over 78 million euros with 300+ colleagues in 2020.  

Our goal is to take the load off our customers’ shoulders by automating processes as far as possible and bringing business and IT in one effective flow. We also comply with the highest international risk management and corporate governance standards, while remaining flexible to evolving customer needs.Among our +25 happy customers are Leaseplan, Heineken, ASR, Geldmaat, Enexis, Jumbo and PostNL. Our customers place high demands on both acceleration and flexibility, as well as stability and cost-effectiveness. We can provide and orchestrate the full technology stack: from cloud layer and midlayer to comprehensive application management. Everything we do is cloud-based: we run online banks and businesses/public critical environments in AWS, Azure, Google and in our private mission critical cloud - Cosmic.

Hoe ziet een dag bij Schuberg Philis eruit?

Onze organisatie is gemaakt door en voor het soort mensen dat wij willen zijn. En onze dagen zijn net zo divers als de prachtige, unieke verzameling mensen die Schuberg Philis heet. Waar we wel heel consistent in zijn: ons geloof dat IT een positief verschil kan maken in de wereld. Dat zien we ook in onze eigen levens, elke dag en ieder moment.

Schubergphilis website Portret Team 2

Bij ons staan experts in the lead

Een state-of-the-art IT-oplossing op maat: daarin zetten onze experts, samen met die van de klant, graag hun tanden. Het is teamwerk onder het motto deliver your own promise.

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Er is maar één KPI die ertoe doet

De key performance indicator waar wij de meeste waarde aan hechten: klanttevredenheid. Ook ruimte voor een 0,01% verbetering zien wij als een kans om nog dichter bij 100% te komen.

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Worden wie je bent

We moedigen elkaar aan om onze ware kracht te ontdekken en steeds door te leren. Soms volgen we een heel ander pad dan we hadden gedacht – en worden daar des te gelukkiger van.

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Design & proof

Werkend vanuit onze kennis van de uitdagingen van de klant, ontwerpen we een oplossing, experiment en prototype. We noemen dat geen proof of concept, maar een proof of value.

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Wij werken hoe we willen werken

We verstoppen onze specialisten niet, om ze pas op het allerlaatste moment in te roepen. Voor ons spreekt het voor zich dat de experts vanaf de start de beslissingen nemen.

Schubergphilis website Advised consent

We werken met advised consent

De belangrijkste beslissingen nemen we met advised consent. Een oplossing leggen we eerst voor aan collega’s en dan, mits goedgekeurd, aan degenen wiens werk het beïnvloedt.

Bij Schuberg Philis houden we precies in de gaten welke innovaties eraan komen in de start up wereld en bij onze public cloud partners. Zo kunnen we altijd de juiste instrumenten vinden voor ons werk in complexe mission-critical ecosystemen. In het ideale scenario kunnen we de nieuwste technologie naadloos integreren in elk bestaand landschap, om zo duurzame IT-omgevingen op topniveau te bouwen.


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