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FAQ Recruiters

External recruiters approach us all the time, to meet us or to present the ideal candidate. These conversations almost always follow the same pattern. Therefore we have listed some guidelines. But let us start with a request to you all: don't call us, we will call you (when we believe it is useful). And please don't go around emailing our colleagues outside of recruitment - it will not improve your chances..

Can I meet you in person to learn more about Schuberg Philis? 
This is a question we are asked several times a week. And NO, we never do this. Why? Because we prefer spending time looking for new colleagues. Should your tip result in a new hire, we will certainly make an appointment and will be happy to meet you in person. 
How do I know what exactly you are looking for? 
Look at our website: read the texts, watch the numerous videos and study our job descriptions at the careers section. Everything that you read at our website, is based on solid facts. We don't do marketing talks, instead we present ourselves the way we are. In the end, quality is all that matters. We will never settle for less. 
Can I call you for more information? 
No. It probably sounds nastier than we mean to. But we really mean NO. From experience we know that it leads to nothing, other than that we can't spend our time finding new colleagues. All the information you need, it is stated on the website. Honestly! 
I have a profile of a candidate that matches perfectly with your requirements. Can I show it to you? 
Yes, you can. Please send the resume to careers@schubergphilis.com. We only process profiles that entail first name, last name and email address due to our GDPR process. Don't send more than three resume's. If there is no interesting candidate among them, it doesn't make sense to send us any other profiles. 
Do you work with outsourcing candidates? 
We have a preference for candidates that will join Schuberg Philis as colleagues. It is our experience that oursourcing candidates are often too much specialized in a certain area, and lack qualifications for the broader role of a Mission Critical Engineer at Schuberg Philis. But of course, there are always exceptions to the rules!
How long does the entire application procedure take? 
A Schuberg Philis application procedure consists of at least three interviews of 1,5 hours each (or longer). We don't like to rush things. As we said before, our aim is to establish a long term relationship, not a quick fix. 


Meet the Schuberg Philis Recruitment Team

Marina, Tjeerd, Mieke, Sara, Maya & Elvira
Contact us via careers@schubergphilis.com


Frequently asked questions from external recruiters.