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The public cloud: AWS, Azure, and Google


In the age of the Digital Disruption, we have fully embraced the advantages of using the public cloud to help our customers make their IT systems more flexible, more scalable, and more cost-effective.

Working with environments of ever-growing complexity, we deliver answers to overcome issues regarding data security, privacy legislation, cost optimization, and systems integration. Our comprehensive approach takes into account a broad spectrum of different aspects such as architecture, choice of technologies, culture, and the organizational structure. As a result, we help our customers use the advantages of cloud computing to create business value faster, without sacrificing security and reliability.

For managing applications in the cloud, we have created a family of custom cloud orchestration solutions. This capability allows us to quickly design, deploy, manage and change any application landscape, across any type of cloud.


We take great pride in remaining appreciative of all innovative technologies and services, which help our customers achieve their goals. That is why we work with all three major public cloud providers.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers an extensive set of services, which are widely adopted by many developers worldwide. It is a great platform for building custom solutions comprising of multiple services spanning various technologies. Schuberg Philis is an advanced-tier AWS Consulting Partner and participates in AWS’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) program. Furthermore, we are an AWS Well-Architected Partner and an AWS Migration Competency Partner. To read more about Schuberg Philis’s partnership with Amazon Web Services, click here.
  • Microsoft Azure is great for regulated enterprises. It has the most regions, multiple security and compliance features and seamlessly integrates with other cloud services, such as Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365. Schuberg Philis has been a valued Microsoft partner for many years. In the Microsoft Partnership Network (MPN), we were awarded the Gold Competency level based on proven best-in-class capabilities.
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) follows the unique Google DNA of scalability and focus on Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). It is an excellent place for those looking to orchestrate their applications using Kubernetes and provides robust data and AI offerings. Since 2017, Schuberg Philis has been partnering with Google. After helping them select the cloud provider that was right for their company, we set up GCP services for several customers who were interested in Google’s strong focus on security and infrastructure modernization.


It is crucial to Schuberg Philis to be represented at the major events of the leading public cloud providers. That’s why our colleagues have attended many previous editions of events like the AWS re:Invent, Microsoft Ignite, and Google Cloud Next. 

This engagement with the community allows us to stay up to date with the latest technological trends and additions to the cloud providers’ service offerings. It also motivates our engineers to dig deeper and deepen their specialization in the relevant technologies. Next to that, we strive to remain active participants in local communities and user groups that center on cloud technology, attending and co-organizing meetups.

Also, be sure to check out our cloud service profile, put together by the Giarte Cloud Sourcing survey.


Some applications are not suitable for public clouds. For example, legacy applications cannot always be hosted in the public cloud due to licensing issues or due to other legal limitations. Also, some of our customers feel reassured knowing that their mission-critical systems run on fully dedicated environments. 

For these reasons, we also offer our customers a hybrid cloud scenario. This way we offer the best of both worlds. What needs to stay on-premises does so, while workloads which will benefit from being deployed to the cloud are migrated.

Our own Schuberg Philis Mission Critical Cloud as a private cloud solution. This proprietary cloud infrastructure was designed to minimize risk and support a wide variety of application landscapes. 

The physical cloud infrastructure is hosted in three datacenters around Amsterdam and configured for the level of continuity required by mission-critical systems. Should one datacenter suffer from an outage, the other ones will take over, and keep the applications available. Our customers are also assured that sensitive data will not leave the Netherlands. In this private cloud, we have further refined and automated our capabilities in security, monitoring, testing, and deployment orchestration. 



The public cloud: AWS, Azure, and Google

In the age of the Digital Disruption, we have fully embraced the advantages of using the public …


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