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Cloud transition


Customers and our teams have fully embraced the advantages of using cloud technology: their IT systems thus become more flexible, more scalable, and more cost-effective. The time has come to bring suitable business-critical applications over to the cloud.

CIOs look for answers to overcome issues with data security, privacy legislation, costs, and the complexity of the integration. This is why we have developed a multicloud approach and tested it to remove objections related to the transition of the ‘digital crown jewels’ to the cloud. Our approach takes the architecture, the choice of technologies, the culture, and the organization into account. So you can benefit from all the advantages of cloud computing, without sacrificing security and reliability. For managing applications in the cloud and across different cloud solutions, we have use our cloud native orchestration platform. This allows any application landscape to be simply designed, managed and changed, across any type of cloud.


We often combine the possible supply models, into a multi-cloud solution, for our customers. Solutions in the public cloud suffice for most applications, offering advantages in scalability, functionality and cost. We have partnerships with the public cloud environments of Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure) and Google. Some applications are not suitable for public clouds, since outdated applications cannot always be hosted in the cloud, because of licenses, or for other legal reasons such as a requirement that the data can only be stored within the Netherlands. Some of our customers also feel reassured knowing that their most important systems are on servers that run for them alone.


For these reasons we also have a private and community cloud solution for our customers, in our own Schuberg Phillis Mission Critical Cloud. This is designed so that risks are minimized  and suitable for any legacy and/or cloud native application landscape. The physical cloud infrastructure is located in three datacenters around Amsterdam. If one datacenter goes off line or malfunctions in some way, the other datacenters are still available. Our customers are also assured that sensitive data does not leave the Netherlands. In this private cloud, we have further refined and automated our capabilities in security, monitoring, testing, and deployment. 


While Agile, Scrum, and DevOps are ways of organizing work more intelligently, cloud-native is the corresponding architecture that contributes to acceleration. In cloud-native and serverless environments, operational activities such as installing and configuring virtual machines or servers, establishing databases and middleware, as well as the lifecycle management of these components, are considerably reduced. This means that developers can focus all their energies on developing functionality. There are three benefits from this: new functionality is available more quickly, operational costs are lower, and the development costs for new functionality are lower. In other words: cloud-native operations help you escape from the constraints of Conway's Law. Cloudnative operations enable you as a team, together with the company, to focus on functionality and hence on value creation.

Below, you can read and download our Cloud position paper, to learn more about our vision and way of working for organisations that consider a cloud transition.

In addition, have a look at our Cloud service profile, put together by the Giarte Cloudsourcing survey.



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Customers and our teams have fully embraced the advantages of using cloud technology: their IT …


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