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The way we work


The core strength of our organization derives from the unique way we work: autonomous teams of experts who deliver on their promises, co-creating solutions together with our customers. Through this DevOps approach, we ensure that IT operations, software development and the customer’s business work seamlessly together.

Our approach is open, communicative, and based on mutual support and collaboration. We respect the value of expertise—our own, but also the expertise of others (inside and outside of our organization) who may provide an unexpected perspective. In the end, it’s the quality of the work that matters most. And we believe that the best way to ensure an exceptional level of quality is to work together with people who actually enjoy what they do and take pride in delivering their very best work, every single day.

We gauge our performance based on our ability to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. And the only way to do that is to deliver 100% of what we promise, based on our understanding of a customer’s long-term business objectives. That’s what it means to be a committed IT Business Partner -  that is “DevOps by nature.”

"I have seen Schuberg Philis make the shift from a traditional sourcing company to the DevOps side and then climb higher in the technology stack: from cloud layer, via the midlayer, to application management. I have also noticed their relentless focus on automation, in true DevOps spirit, and apply complete blueprints so that they can create new environments at a stroke, and now they are developing software with the open source community as well. Previously, many IT organizations were trading off efficiency with stability, speed and flexibility. More often than not efficiency was considered key. The trick is to deliver against all, and that is the focus of Schuberg Philis.

Gerard Speksnijder
Co-leader Global Agile Application Development practice, McKinsey



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The way we work

The core strength of our organization derives from the unique way we work: autonomous teams of …


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