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Integrated software development


Software development and operational IT are two sides of the same coin. The combination of these two worlds, which were traditionally kept separate, characterizes our role: We like collaborating with you to provide a stable and, if required, cloud-based business-critical operation in combination with a fast, flexible, and customer-focused front-end.

A growing number of customers feel the need to scale up software development substantially in close cooperation with the business and IT. They have come to realize that the development of new customer-centered functionality is only part of the story. It’s at least as challenging for the development team to develop software that is stable, compliant, and flexible. This challenging combination of functional and non-functional business requirements requires well-attuned DevOps-teams, equipped with CI/CD platforms and good governance.

Schuberg Philis helps customers with their integration and development challenges, using our automation and tooling expertise to create velocity. We work closely with our customer's specialist software partners to create tailored solutions. In that collaboration, our strong mission critical engineering culture and craftsmanship can help create stability in the ecosystem, giving room to innovation.

Our collaboration models vary, depending on individual customer needs and capabilities:

  • We can act as primary contractor, taking on responsibility for orchestrating the partners, ensuring collaboration and alignment in the ecosystem.
  • We can act as a specialist IT partner, providing custom integrations for the mission critical applications we manage.
  • We can provide platform engineering services, helping existing or new software partners utilize new tools and ways of working so they can improve non-functional business requirements and/or velocity.
  • We can take over maintenance of existing code for the applications we manage, and set up a team to modernize, expand or replace them.
  • We can have our experts embedded into cross-functional agile teams, taking on responsibility for those systems and delivery roles that match our strengths.

In taking on the above roles we offer several strengths, that result from our roots of taking on 100% responsibility for the mission critical application landscapes of our customers. 

Cloud ready - We build or customize and maintain cloud native platforms, both in our own private cloud and in public clouds. Our platforms are by default equipped with some 60 shared services to handle all non-functional processes like Identity access, security, auditability, cost controls, monitoring, log file analytics, automation, code quality, backup and disaster recovery.

Quality automation -  We set up and manage build and development infrastructures (CI/CD) to deliver both to these new platforms as well as more traditional infrastructures. 

API and data driven - We create API-based architectures and stream-based data platforms, connecting the backend systems that we manage and/or develop.

Portal development - We create portals unlocking the data available through these APIs, in a secure, compliant and user-friendly way.

Robustness - When we produce software, we take care of all aspects of technical quality, test automation, security, compliance, and robustness. Among other advantages, this means software maintained by Schuberg Philis is relatively cheap for us to manage operationally.

Collaboration - We are used to large ecosystems with a lot of partners that have to collaborate to produce results, and we know how to get work done in such an environment. Because Schuberg Philis engineers are not limited to specific roles we can identify and fill gaps in delivery organizations to make the engine go.



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