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Business-Critical Software Engineering


In a world rife with opportunism and overpromising, 100% is hard to believe. Because it is unconditional. Full commitment, without concessions or restrictions. It has no shades of grey, not one millimeter of slack. It is absolute magnificence. And it is rare.

What about software engineering, you ask?

We believe problems cannot be solved without understanding the people experiencing them. We believe robust, business-critical software cannot be built without deep comprehension of the business domain. We believe in long term relationships, full autonomy of the right dedicated people, fearlessly embracing the unknown.

Our engagement is tailored to individual customer needs:

  • We act as a specialist software development partner, delivering cloud-native, tailor-made software applications and integrations.
  • We act as primary software development contractor, taking on responsibility for facilitation and orchestration of the partner ecosystem, ensuring communication, collaboration and alignment.
  • We take over maintenance of existing applications and set up a team to modernize, expand or replace underlying code bases.

Our software engineering approach works and will continue to work, even as we grow. We will always keep putting our people in the frontline, in small, autonomous groups and with short communication lines.

In dedicated teams that place a central focus on delivering software of the highest standards to the customer. On relentless customer satisfaction. No concessions, no restrictions. All the way. 100%.



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Business-Critical Software Engineering

In a world rife with opportunism and overpromising, 100% is hard to believe. Because it is …


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