A catalyst of innovation

Argenta in the Netherlands and Schuberg Philis have been working together since 2015. From the very beginning, Schuberg Philis has been end-to-end responsible for the functionality of the digital bank. Over the years, a close partnership has developed, as we learned from an  interview with Bart Zacht and Marcel de Vroed.

"We launch new initiatives together."

Bart Zacht

A partnership based on trust has a clear influence on how partners work together. Bart: "In transformation trajectories in particular, there are many uncertainties. We had to get used to them, as did Schuberg Philis. We found we had a lot in common. We've really become partners, to the point where we launch new initiatives together without knowing exactly what the outcome will be. But, if the intention is always to make things better, you find a way to make it work."

Innovate in various ways

Marcel: "We provide Argenta with its mission-critical IT. Argenta gives us a lot of trust and freedom to act, and we make sure that they can sleep well at night." Bart: "When a Schuberg Philis engineer says:  'It's my bank,' that's great."

Marcel: "Mutual trust is a strong foundation which we use to embrace the uncertainties of innovation together. In fact, innovation is an important energizing factor in our partnership. We innovate in various ways."

In co-creation with Argenta and BIT

Students ('Bright IT Students,' a tech foundation) Schuberg Philis is experimenting with the latest technologies, from AI to Data Science, from Augmented Reality to Smart Robots. For example, by developing an idea together that led to a working prototype in just ten weeks. Or by jointly organizing a Cloud hackathon, as an innovative way of finding an alternative Business Intelligence solution for Argenta.

Demonstrate possibilities

Bart: "We also work with Schuberg Philis Labs to get inspiration in terms of innovation. Together we demonstrate possibilities, for example, showing what speech recognition can mean for marketing. All these initiatives generate energy and create a platform for expressing ideas that might not be expressed otherwise."

What’s next?

Bart: "Our bank is currently at the stage of repositioning and further development. We've asked Schuberg Philis, our IT Business partner, to join us in thinking things through. What role does Schuberg Philis see for itself in the new strategy?" Marcel: "We see ambition and entrepreneurship at Argenta that we're proud to be part of, as their partner."

Bart Zacht
Manager ICT of Argenta
Marcel de Vroed
Mission Critical Engineer at Schuberg Philis