Knock, knock, who’s there?

The multiplicity of laws and regulations that companies must follow, the resulting compliance requirements and the increase in certification requirements amount to a heavy burden on a company's colleagues and management.

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, known as the AVG in the Netherlands), adds another substantial task for management. How has this impacted Schuberg Philis and our customers?

What does this entail for the way companies deal with personal data?

"The regulation emphasizes how important our digital identities are, now and in the future. It obliges organizations to be good stewards of the personal data they collect and use", says Daan Stakenburg, Data Privacy Officer at Schuberg Philis.

Has much changed for Schuberg Philis?

"No, in our role as data processor, not much has changed. The good agreements that we already have, and the fact that we manage mission-critical applications for our customers, with all the sensitive data that that entails, mean that our security level was already high, thanks to the security measures that are already in place."

Is the GDPR a constraint on the current mania for data collection?

Daan: "At first glance, the GDPR may look like a limitation for the development of data science, but the directive serves mainly to make diligence obligatory. Diligence with regard to obtaining the right permissions; collecting only necessary data with the right limitation of purpose; protecting the data adequately and, last but not least, removing or anonymizing the data promptly."

How does it affect Big Data initiatives in the Public Cloud?

"In principle, compliance and security are well regulated in the AWS-, Azure-, and Google Public Cloud services. We've shown that we can create secure and reliable environments there. There's a lot more involved than 'swipe your credit card and go.' Proper service orchestration and the right security configuration are crucial. The same is true of the data science initiatives that we have launched with our customers: you need good engineers who can set up such an environment quickly and effectively. Current SaaS offerings make it easier to timely remove or anonymize data. That means that our customers, and our mutual data scientists, can focus on what's really important: selecting the right data sources, improving the quality of those sources, and enriching them so that in the end the desired business insights are produced."

What's next

Data Science is the future. With its smart application, diligent collection of permissions, analyses, and the legally required transparency we will help you to reinforce your relationship with your customers, now and in the future.

Daan Stakenburg
Data Privacy Officer at Schuberg Philis.

Daan Stakenburg