Value Chain

BNP Paribas Securities Services first encountered the Schuberg Philis range of services in 2017. The relationship, which developed quickly, is characterized by intensive strategic and operationally oriented interaction. Robert van Kerkhoff is especially impressed by the technical know-how and open culture at Schuberg Philis.

"Our partnership began when we took over the operational activities of the Dutch asset manager ACTIAM, in 2017," says Robert van Kerkhoff. "They already had a long and exceptionally good relationship with Schuberg Philis. Notwithstanding this relationship, our initial intent was to integrate the back- and mid-office within our BNP Paribas landscape."

More value

"However, during the migration from Schuberg Philis to BNP Paribas, we realized that their environment offered much more value than we initially thought. Schuberg Philis is part of our value chain, in terms of technical, functional and cultural aspects. Detailed discussions about the business challenges led to greater mutual understanding. Both in the joint operational teams as well as at the higher management level, where we talked about achieving our tactical and strategic objectives. The outcome of these discussions was that we decided to keep our back- and mid-office with Schuberg Philis."

A shared future

According to Robert, the interactions are ongoing. An example: "We're working with a Dutch fintech company that has built an online dashboard intuitive, user friendly and suitable for desktops and mobile devices for our clients. This dashboard pulls data from our core systems. Since there's so much to consider regarding price, performance and capacity, I immediately called in Schuberg Philis. After all, they are

part of the business case and of the value chain we offer to our clients. These kinds of interactions will be part of our shared future. I want to discuss our ideas and plans with them, especially as they know so much about the financial market we operate in."

"With these reports BNP Paribas creates an advantage over the competition and can attract new clients."

Peter Horsman

Distinctive value

Jayton Tjon-Kon-Joe at Schuberg Philis explains: "This online dashboard gives BNP Paribas customers daily insight into their total portfolio accounting, performance, risk and compliance. This improvement delivers enormous value for the business." His colleague Peter Horsman adds: "IT security, consistency and confidentiality of data are all importent requirements in providing these reports. With these dashboards BNP Paribas creates an advantage over the competition and can attract new customers. Our approach enabled us to quickly provide the necessary solutions for both BNP Paribas and their customers and partners."

Robert van Kerkhoff
Head of Luxembourg, Netherlands & Nordics of BNP Paribas Securities Services
Peter Horsman
Technology Officer at Schuberg Philis
Jayton Tjon-Kon-Joe
Mission Critical Engineer at Schuberg Philis