The perfect parcel

Imagine a future in which, as PostNL customer, you had access to everything that PostNL has to offer, without having to deal with different commercial channels, APIs, or communication protocols? "Achieving this future is the goal of our Logistic Service Provider Program (LSP)," says Jasper ten Hove in an interview with Steve Douho.

Why is the LSP program important? Jasper: "Due to the diversity of our services and our size as an enterprise, we have different logistical networks, ranging from very large to very small, that are not fully interconnected and therefore not able to effectively work together. Through a business focus on how the logistics market space is evolving, employing powerful IT and partnering with specialty suppliers like Schuberg Philis, we'll get to the point where our customers can organize their logistics via an integrated platform."

"We've chosen an ultimate destination and agreed that every euro spent must take us a step closer to our goal."

Jasper ten Hove

Ultimate destination

Important prerequisites? "We've chosen an ultimate destination and agreed that every euro spent must take us a step closer to our goal." As an IT department we've become the orchestrator of an ecosystem and, with this system, we are closely examining what the business needs and have created a way of working that allows us to continuously understand the business context. We support the business in moving to the LSP platform while excelling in delivering high performance and reliable services, and running an IT department that is able to respond rapidly to trends and social developments.

How do you achieve that? "I'm convinced that you need long-term multi-disciplinary DevOps Teams that bring together PostNL IT, the business departments, and other specialized partners such as Schuberg Philis. These teams should focus on a clearly defined section of the IT landscape. This model entails long-term partnerships with those who fit within the ecosystem and bear part of the responsibility. Our partnership with Schuberg Philis has had various outcomes, providing a much more stable basis for our mission-critical IT. Moreover, the automation of management tasks will result in the faster implementation of changes, stability, reliability, and a better cost ratio."

Steve Douho and Jasper ten Hove

We create a technological basis

What's next? Steve: "Our goal is to brain-storm and consult PostNL on the design of functional business requirements. Various use-cases and technological possibilities – for example machine learning, AI, and IoT – can greatly improve the logistical process data. But speed of change depends on having a back end that can access the data using micro-services." Jasper: "We're very happy to focus on such initiatives, so that we can handle them right first time. That way we create a technological basis that in future will make us much faster as a logistics platform for our customers."

Jasper ten Hove
Manager of Logistical eCommerce IT at PostNL
Steve Douho
Customer Director at Schuberg Philis