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Schuberg Philis offers a broad range of IT services that help customers in all industries create sustainable velocity in their business through digital transformation journeys. We have grown from offering dedicated infrastructure management to a DevOps enabler for your enhanced ‘business-critical ecosystem’. We can provide and orchestrate the full technology stack: from cloud layer and midlayer to comprehensive application management. Our goal is to take a load off your shoulders by automating processes as far as possible and bringing business and IT in one effective flow.

What does being part of Schuberg Philis mean?

Freedom & Responsibility We operate in dedicated customer and development teams with full mandate to take all necessary decisions. We believe that by building these truly empowered multi-talent teams, we go beyond our best 'to make more awesome' together. We have the desire for each person to flourish. After all, we all benefit when you do the things that satisfy you and make you grow. Helping and developing each other out is one of the core qualities of our culture. There are no unnecessary management layers. Office politics are absent as everyone is free to express their opinion. There are no fixed work hours, and people are encouraged to find the right balance between work and free time. With this freedom comes great responsibility.

Relationships & alignment of Strengths We are always looking for exceptional individuals: highly skilled experts who thrive when taking responsibility and independently thinking professionals who excel at working in peer teams. We believe in relationships and real dialogue. All colleagues are actively involved in their co-worker’s lives. You know your strengths and weaknesses as you know the ones of your colleagues.

Our Promise Leaving the world a better place for our kids - that's our promise. The best part of working at Schuberg Philis is that you can keep your promises; both personal as the ones you make as a team to your customers. And with the current state of automation, it is no longer utopian to speak of world-changing possibilities. As an engineer, developer, customer director or sales director at Schuberg Philis you have a front-row seat – at all times. In addition to the work we do, we also contribute in small ways to a better future by supporting Room to Read, working with local suppliers and donating to the foodbank. Most of our colleagues are in one way or another involved in good causes like StayConnected, Movember and Alpe d'HuZes.

Learn in a World of Opportunities Once you start working here, it is up to you where your career at Schuberg Philis will take you. Some of us turn out to be the architects of entire IT-ecosystems or develop cutting-edge code that solves a problem on the horizon, whereas others enjoy planning or SCRUM. We do not work with theoretical personal development plans or education budgets. If you need training, we encourage you to organize it. And we try to help each other to develop and improve.

How does our hiring process work?

If you’re curious about our hiring procedure, please check our process below.

What do we offer?

What is it like to onboard with you?

Unlike many other companies, our onboarding period is approximately 6 months. We understand that starting at a self-steering company with no management, having a new team, deep diving into a new customer or project and potentially working with different technologies – all at the same time – might take longer than 3 months. During these 6 months we will do everything within our power to successfully set you up within our company.

Your first week is a bootcamp, filled with informative and interactive sessions to help you understand Schuberg Philis, the way we work, the tools we work with, security, innovation and more. In addition, you will have a buddy to help you with every day pragmatic questions, your team to help you in general, a coach who will help you with everything from personal situations to personal development and we bring it all together during 3 “round table” sessions. During these sessions we focus on you; how you are doing and what can we do to help you. This way we hope you will be able to release your full potential and enjoy the journey at Schuberg Philis.

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