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We put experts in the lead

A state-of-the-art custom-fit IT solution is a job for our experts teamed up with our customer’s experts. We work together from start to finish to deliver on our own promises.

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Only one KPI matters

Our most valued key performance indicator is customer satisfaction. We see room for even a 0.01% improvement as another opportunity to get closer to 100%.

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Become who you are

We encourage each other to discover our true strengths and keep learning. Sometimes, we take a radically different direction than expected yet become happier along the way.

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Design and proof

Based on our understanding of customers’ challenges, we design a solution, experiment, and prototype. Rather than proof of concept, we refer to this as proof of value.

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We work how we want to work

We don’t hide our specialists or only call them in last minute. To us, it’s obvious that knowledgeable people need to be making decisions from the get-go.

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We work with advised consent

We share responsibility. That’s why our most important decisions require advised consent, with solutions first presented to colleagues and, if supported, reviewed by those impacted.

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Our culture

We are convinced that if we let talented professionals discover where their true strengths lie, they will rise above themselves to become happier and more fulfilled in the process.
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Job overview

Fields of expertise

How we hire

Know what to expect

Step 1


This is the beginning of your journey at Schuberg Philis. Apply for one of our openings by entering details and your resumé, and you hear from us very soon.

In general we reply within 5 days

Step 2

First interview

When we see a potential match, you will be invited for your first interview. That will be a personal conversation, where we find out if there is a potential match.

Interview takes approx. 90 min.

Step 3

Peer interview

For the second interview, you will be paired with two of your peers to discuss your skills and your experience. Together we will explore your level of expertise to see where you fit best and if we can invest in your potential.

Interview takes approx. 90 min.

Step 4

Final interview

Your final conversation will be an in depth personal conversation; a deep dive into your questions and understanding of what it would be like working at Schuberg Philis.

Interview takes approx. 120 min.

Step 5

Additional step

Depending on the situation we add a 4th conversation to talk about final details or concerns from your or our side. For business roles and new roles we often do a cognitive test (online) and a competence assessment (individual or group).

This is an optional step

Step 6

Offer acceptance

Hooray, it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for! We tell you’ve been selected for the job, make an offer, and walk you through what to expect in your first six months with us.

Sign & seal will take approx. 60 min.

Want to know more about the hiring process at Schuberg Philis?

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Setting you up for success

Unlike most companies, our onboarding takes approximately six months. That’s because we're expecting you to start a new job in a self-steering team with no managers, meet new customers, deep dive into new projects, and new ways of working – all at the same time. During this half-year, we’ll do everything we can to set you up for success.

“We don't like to rush things. Our aim is to establish a long term relationship, not a quick fix.”

Roeland Kuipers