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Our 100% principle also reflects a commitment to our colleagues. We are convinced that enabling talented professionals to discover where their true strengths lie makes them happier in life and on the job. Working with us, you master your own destiny.

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Personal and professional growth

A job at Schuberg Philis is so much more than a salary and benefits.

How we hire

Know what to expect

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Step 1


Hi there. This step simply asks that you share your contact details, résumé, and cover letter. Our recruitment team takes a look and gets feedback from colleagues who can best understand your experience and aspirations.

We usually respond within five working days.

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Step 2

First interview

It’s good to meet you! This step lets us learn about each other. We really value cultural fit, so if we’re not right for even the most talented person on earth, we’ll let them go.

This usually takes 90 minutes.

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Step 3

Second interview

Get down to the nitty-gritty. This step pairs you with two peers who share your expertise and experience. It shows us your skills, knowledge, and limits – because if you join our journey, we’ll support you.

This usually takes 90 minutes.

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Step 4

Third interview

Get nice and personal. This step lets us further satisfy our curiosity about you. It also takes time to deep-dive into any remaining questions or concerns you have about the job or working with us.

This usually takes 90 minutes.

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Step 5

Additional step

Hang tight. Sometimes our application process requires an extra step, such as an interview on a particular subject or with our most relevant colleagues. Some jobs also require a cognitive test and/or a competence assessment.

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Step 6

Accept offer

Welcome! This step invites you to join our journey. You can expect an offer based on your present-day qualities – not your age, previous salary, nor years of professional experience. We value you for you today.

Signing takes about 60 minutes.

We'd like to get to know you as much as you want to get to know us.

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It's the people actually

Our organization was designed to match who we are and the ambitions we share. Working in self-steering teams that put experts in the lead, we take collective responsibility for fulfilling our promises to our colleagues, customers, and society at large.

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