How we work

We start with your problem, not our solution. The real questions are, in essence, not about IT, but rather about what’s challenging your business. Even in ever-changing environments, we ensure your operations stay stable and become agile and resilient. That's why we always first diagnose your mission-critical IT, before we prescribe the right solution.

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Our approach to partnerships is both straightforward and effective. We believe in building relationships that go beyond the typical customer-supplier model. By merging our IT expertise with our customers' deep business insights, we create a powerful synergy. This collaboration gives a competitive advantage and allows our customers to stay ahead in the market.

The SBP Trinity for success

In today's dynamic landscape of the tech world, enterprises aiming for progress need partners who are equally focused on achieving results. That's why we've developed a unique approach to delivering value. Our trinity for value delivery is built on three core principles that define the Schuberg Philis value proposition: dedicated customer teams, a distinctive way of working based on best practices for all operations, and reusable digital components. This trinity isn't just a theory; it's a practical, actionable blueprint that delivers real, tangible results.

Plan, build, run by the same team

Since day one, we focus on the mission critical IT-activities that are essential to the core business of our customers. Our holistic Plan-Build-Run methodology ensures stability, efficiency, business progress, and customer value. With all phases managed by the same team of experts, we eliminate disruptions, focusing on delivering 100% secure, efficient solutions.


Innovation is vital for business. And by innovation, we mean tangible growth or progress that builds up your competitive advantage. To validate ideas and fortify trust, we create a proof of value that is resilient and scalable from the get-go. Lab271 is our in-house team devoted to translating tough IT challenges into real use cases that accelerate business value.

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