How we work

We start with your problem, not our solution. The real questions are, in essence, not about IT, but rather about what’s challenging your business. Even in ever-changing environments, we ensure your operations stay stable and become agile and resilient.

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We think that real challenges are more likely to take the form of questions, such as how can we optimize your supply chain to win efficiency percentage points? How can we make your e-commerce extremely scalable? How can we improve the user experience of your financial services without compromising control and compliance? And how can we radically rebuild your logistics while maintaining your delivery as usual?

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We have a clear meaning in mind when we call our work mission-critical: solving IT challenges that directly impact your strategic business goals and providing our end-to-end execution power. So while our solutions keep your operations secure, reliable, and resilient, they also let us focus on helping your company grow and innovate.

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The 100% principle

The 100% we always strive for reflects our full commitment to you, the guaranteed functional uptime of our solutions, and the extent to which we support and inspire stakeholders. Wherever we find room for improvement, even at a rate of 0.01%, we see it as another step towards 100% impact. Upholding this principle consistently results in high customer satisfaction, the most important metric we use to assess our own performance.

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A good night's rest

We enable customers to execute their mission-critical operations. These activities are so crucial that if ever they failed, we know you would want to be alerted with a call – even in the middle of the night. Because our IT solutions achieve 100% uptime, we ensure you always get a good night’s rest. That stability and security let you wake up with a song in your head, looking forward to business tomorrow and the days after.

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A song in your head

After providing customers with many good nights of rest, we see how sustained peace of mind lets them look ahead, anticipating needs, innovating, and staying on top of the competition. It’s the feeling we refer to as waking up with a song in your head. Knowing that your mission-critical organization is running soundly means you’re focused less on humdrum daily operations and more on developing strategies for a bright future.

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For you, with you, by you

When we offer IT solutions, we make strategic decisions with you about whether your company’s experts or ours are best positioned to execute them and keep operations running smoothly. Starting work together, we are ready to bear all responsibility and risk for as long as a customer wants. We’re also just as happy to help build expertise in your own teams so your company becomes more self-sufficient. In short, our solutions can enjoy flexible ownership: created for you, implemented with you, and eventually controlled by you.

Our 5C approach

Our decades of experience have proven that 100% customer satisfaction is always attainable. To guide our customer relationships and joint decision-making, we apply an approach consisting of five elements that index our work: context, choices, connect, create, and confirm.


So how exactly do we bridge the gap between business and technology and make IT at the heart of business? We ensure that our technology and all operations serve to support your greater business goals.


Innovation is vital for business. And by innovation, we mean tangible growth or progress that builds up your competitive advantage. To validate ideas and fortify trust, we create a proof of value that is resilient and scalable from the get-go. Lab271 is our in-house team devoted to translating tough IT challenges into real use cases that accelerate business value.

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