When we talk about innovation, we don’t mean innovating just for the sake of novelty. Lab271 is our in-house team devoted to the pursuit of new, experimental, and emerging IT solutions. Closely collaborating with you, Lab271’s teams can help make innovation dreams come true, but each project responds to actual, pressing needs to create business value and competitive advantage.

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Business drives innovation and innovation drives business.

Design-build-run is engrained in our collective mindset. As business needs further merge with IT needs, we focus on creating proofs of value with built-in flexibility and resilience. These proofs help generate steadier, scalable value sooner.

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Design and proof

We identify value. Based on our understanding of your challenge, we design a solution and showcase it through experimentation and prototyping. We provide substantiation to convince stakeholders of impact, approach, and the business case. We prefer not to refer to it as proof of concept, but rather proof of value. This goes beyond an experiment.

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Construct and align 

Once a proof of value is accepted, our building efforts go into full swing and we incorporate learnings in the process. Aligning your stakeholders and letting them come to trust a new solution and its ecosystem are as crucial as the technology itself.

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Run and scale

We accelerate in a controlled manner. Staying secure and compliant, we apply our 100% mission-critical mindset. We scale up fast and decisively, so that the value for your business can grow to its full potential.

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