Whatever your industry, whatever its activities, we keep the heart of mission-critical operations beating.

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Organizations in the world’s most crucial industries rely on us to keep their mission-critical activities running steadily and securely. Our solutions respond to your IT questions, but ultimately also provide answers for better business.

Case studies

Yes, we’re an IT company and therefore talk a lot about technology. But ultimately, we provide solutions that respond to your business challenges. Our case studies show just how we do that while enabling you to generate greater, steadier value. That’s because at the end of the day, it’s your business and should be all about your business.

BNP Case

How BNP Paribas made its IT infrastructure stable, secure, and resilient while increasing clients’ return on investment

Institutions that offer financial services operate in a highly regulated market. While ensuring they take care of their clients’ assets, they must simultaneously adhere to constantly changing international security and compliance standards.

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Lab271's Business-orientated innovation for a global beer brand

Data is becoming an essential part of the value proposition for more and more organizations. As a dedicated IT Business Partner, Schuberg Philis is always pursuing new ways to develop data-driven solutions. Our Lab271 team lets us stay on the cutting edge, helping to boost our customers’ business performance. CTO Roeland Kuipers and CIO Ilja Heitlager talk about the business-oriented innovations that Lab271 pursued for a global beer brand.

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How Enexis stays flexible and saves money in an era of extreme energy fluctuation

Utility companies in the Netherlands are experiencing growing pains as they face greater service demands and comply with global sustainability goals. How to best power homes and businesses is a puzzle-in-progress.

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How highly performant IT with 100% uptime keeps vessels sailing safely in Europe’s largest port

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, in all weather and water conditions, 220 professional pilots stand at the ready. Their job is to help nearly 56,000 sea vessels a year sail safely to and from the port of Rotterdam-Rijnmond.

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How Kepler Vision helps elderly facility patients get the right care

An aging population is putting greater demands on the healthcare sector. Staff in care facilities are already stretched, and the COVID-19 pandemic has upped that pressure. How to optimally care for patients while also looking after the wellbeing of their caregivers is a challenge as the world gets older – not just year after year, but also as birth rates decline and people live longer.