How Geldmaat keeps banks’ cash flow alive in a dying cash market

Case study
In the Netherlands, much like the rest of Europe, cash is a declining market. Consumers find digital payment means more convenient, safe, and sanitary. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this trend, with so many people turning to digital transactions in daily life. Collecting, transporting, and depositing cash is also labor-intensive and contributes to the carbon emissions that many countries are trying to cut.

“Our primary focus had been on logistics. So first and foremost, our business was about warehouse locations, keeping stock, and managing distribution. And now, within a few years’ time, we’re designing customer interfaces to explain how to use our ATMs. This requires a completely different business focus compared to five years ago. And Schuberg Philis is enabling us to achieve that.”

Richard Hofstede, Shared Services Manager, Geldmaat
Karin Borst rechthoek

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