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“The Schuberg Philis style” – that’s what Harvard Business School called our company DNA and the extraordinary culture that it’s given life to. Yet beyond style, much about our substance is also shared in a case study by one of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions.

The Schuberg Philis Harvard Business School case gives readers the opportunity to look behind the scenes. See what it’s like for an ever-growing company to weigh the value of organizational health and happiness against the potential of new business opportunities. What thoughts go through our leaders’ heads? How do engineers experience their daily work? How could changes impact customer satisfaction? And in the first place, what kind of career histories have compelled the co-founders to commit, from day one, to “do business differently”?

Published in 2012, this case study is a single snapshot in the over two-decade history of Schuberg Philis. However, its detailed account of our style and substance holds true to this day. As the opening of the study quotes of our own company statement:

“In a world rife with opportunism and promising more than it can deliver, 100% is hard to believe. Because it is unconditional. Full commitment, without concessions or restrictions. 100% is binding. All the way. It has no shades of grey, not one millimeter of slack. 100% is absolute magnificence. And it is rare.”

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A file of “Schuberg Philis.” Harvard Business School Case 412-092 co-authored by Thomas J. DeLong and Daniela Beyersdorfer is available.

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