IOT edge kit

SBP GreenGrass IoT Edge kit

The Swiss Army knife for industrial operation. A rugged edge solution in which components are selected with care by Schuberg Philis' engineers. As part of our Smart Industries cloud proposition, this solution helps you to gather data from your OT domain and bring it in a secure way to the AWS cloud. Both the identical Industrial PC's have their role. The first is IPC, which is the Ubuntu GreenGrass machine. Besides the relation with AWS, the machine fulfils an infrastructural role. The second IPC gathers data from the OT domain. The Juniper firewall / service-gateway separates the OT domain.

Basic information

A rugged edge solution. The combination of two Onlogic Industrial PC's and a Juniper firewall/service-gateway.

  • Device Name: SBP GreenGrass IoT
  • Device Type: Starter Kit
  • Industry: Industrial
  • Application: Industrial Automation
  • Operating Temperature: Indoor
  • Global Availability: EMEA

Additional information

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