Compliments for Valentine’s Day

Schubergphilis website medium Elaine Rupp
Élaine Rupp
Feb 17, 2020 · 1 min read
Schubergphilis website Valentijnsdag 1

February 14 is Valentine’s Day—a day that’s all about sharing love and positive vibes. On this particular Friday in 2020, we spread some compliment cards across all our pantries and in the restaurant. Everybody was invited to grab a card and write down a quick compliment for one or more colleagues, a team or for Schuberg Philis in general.

Everyone was free to put their name on the card or send it in anonymously. We made a “compliment box” where all cards were collected. In the end, we collected so many cards that we created a big wall of compliments in the restaurant, for all to see. It was the perfect way to say thank you, and to feel appreciated.