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Schuberg Philis was created as an act of resistance. Wanting to challenge the status quo in traditional IT outsourcing, our founders asked themselves: “What if we started doing our work the way we actually want to do it?” To this day, their standards hold true. Fundamental to them is the time-tested fact that happy teams result in happy customers. We therefore do everything we can to create the best setup for happiness within our teams and beyond.

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Collega auditorium

Why would you wait to bring in an expert until an issue has become a problem? Why not have the same team of experts design, develop, and execute a solution and let that team communicate directly with the customer right from the start? That’s how we get to the real question behind the IT question. It works every time.

We work how we want to work

Have you ever noticed how specialists are often hidden and unreachable until everyone else is at a loss for an answer? We don’t understand why. To us, it’s obvious that, right from the start, you need the people who know what they’re talking about to be making decisions.

That’s why our experts sit at the table from day one. They work closely in an integrated team with our customers’ own experts. That way communication is frequent and easy. Because a single team of experts takes total ownership of a project, they only commit to what they can actually deliver. The team also manages the timelines and budgets. It’s this end-to-end responsibility that empowers us to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

Each year we’re included in Giarte’s annual IT Xperience Monitor. In 2021, we secured the number 1 position as a large company for the 16th time in a row. According to the 2021 market research of Giarte, 96% of our customers recommend our services.

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Love your job and you’ll never work another day

We are an independent company. Being 100% colleague-owned, we enjoy ownership of our own future. Staying independent is a deliberate choice to stay in control of our destiny. We also decide our own office hours and holiday schedules. This sense of autonomy significantly adds to our professional commitment and engagement. Retention is high, and absenteeism is low. One reason for that may be because we make a substantial investment in ways to enhance the wellbeing of our colleagues and their families.

Our chefs-in-residence are beloved for the 100% they also always give. Each day we have access to fresh, nutritious meals that can also be custom-made according to dietary needs or preferences. Since we’re a company that supports mission-critical operations 24/7, we have chefs who deliver solutions to nourish our every need of the day (or night).

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Social responsibility

We believe IT can be a force for good in the world. Since our work is with organizations that have major impact on their industries, our daily lives, and the whole planet, we believe we too can have impact. This influence and the responsibility that comes with it are something we take seriously and consider in every choice we make. We enjoy collaborations with organizations such as DIVD, Specialisterren, New Tech Kids, Girls Day and Flora Kokjes.

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Flora Kokjes

Our restaurant shares its weekly extra food with Flora Kokjes, a local foundation that helps families in need get nutritious, delicious meals.

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Our IT projects benefit tremendously from testers and developers working with Specialsterren, a social enterprise that employs people with a form of autism.

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Women in Tech

We wholeheartedly support an international non-profit organization helping girls and women get skills and confidence to excel in STEM fields.

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Girls’ Day

Our auditorium happily fills with 10 to 15 year olds participating in Girls’ Day, an annual national initiative encouraging next-generation women to work in STEM.

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We enthusiastically support an educational academy in which computer science and innovation experts teach young people how to design, program, and test.

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Led by our Chief Security Officer, we are avid members of the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure (DIVD), a free online network of security researchers.

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