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A Bicycle-friendly company

Schuberg Philis is engaged in making complex mission-critical application landscapes future-ready for its customers, and for further developing these landscapes.

Founded in 2001, the company has grown to over 300 colleagues from over 15 countries. It is essentially a business partner that helps organizations with digital transformations (not a common and garden IT company). This 100% concept is also evident in the way it encourages the use of bicycles, for commuting to work and for short trips during the working day.

Facilities and Services

The bicycle workshop is under the left wing of the long building. It is closed off, well lit, and the automatic door provides easy access. There are two well-appointed showers, two combination washer-dryers, and professional facilities for repairing bicycles. Everything you need for your bike can be found here. The bicycle workshop opens directly to the office spaces, which makes access to the reception area easier than from the car parks that are also available for company colleagues. The bicycle workshop is completely full on busy days. For colleagues who come from far away, there are loan bikes for running an errand or visiting a customer. Towels and personal care products are available free of charge. At least once a month, a retired bicycle repairman (the father of one of our colleagues) comes to help users repair or improve the bicycles. Plans are made to combine purchases, and test days with electric bicycles are organized. Theft is deterred by keeping the bicycle basement locked.

Information, Communication and Motivation

Schuberg Philis will participate in the month-long "Bicycle-friendly Employer" campaign. Cycling is already included in the company's sports week, and there are cycle touring events in other countries. Collaborating with nearby companies could offer added value here. For that reason, we are in touch with the Schiphol Group in order to promote cycling in the "Schiphol-Rijk-area”. The route planner is available on our intranet. Informative meetings with regard to mobility and health are organized. Colleagues are also regularly informed about well-being and mobility options and health checks are available through the company doctor.

Coordination and Organization

Cycling colleagues receive a travel budget based on the distance between their home and work, and Schuberg Philis has appointed a bicycle ombudsman.

Photocredits: Matty van Wijnbergen

Parking Policy

Colleagues can park their cars at the entrance to Schuberg Philis without any charge. Schuberg Philis offers lease cars to many of its 300-plus colleagues. Many of these are electric vehicles. Car mobility – and therefore parking – cannot easily be constrained, due to the long distances traveled by colleagues, both from their homes to work, and in visits to clients. Schuberg Philis received its lowest score (among other very high scores) for this category, so clearly we need to look at this.

External Visitors

Visitors can get to Schuberg Philis easily by bike, as I did. But a pass – which I did not have – is required to park in the bicycle garage. So I parked my bike in front of the door. Because of this problem, the information for visitors still refers to coming by car or public transport, with nothing about cycling to Schuberg Philis.

Best Practices

Colleagues at Schuberg Philis work together in a special way, and not only when they are working. With regard to cycling, this is reflected in the fact that they travel together to Mount Ventoux and the Stelvio Pass, and other places, to raise money for the fight against motorneuron disease (MND), for example. This is because one of the cyclists’ partners unfortunately succumbed to MND. In addition, during our annual sports week, various sports are introduced, including cycling through virtual landscapes with Zwift (on a roller trainer set up in the garage). Perfect nutrition for these events is provided. 

Suggestions for Improvement - Tips & Tricks

Cycling Policy

  • The new mobility policy should set ambitious, realistic goals to get more colleagues coming to work (also more often) by bike. 
  • The facilities and working conditions are already very attractive for cyclists, so well thought-out communication represents the best way to increase the number of bicycle kilometers.
  • Subsidies, even at a symbolic level, can provide an additional financial motivation. This can be managed through simple savings systems that already exist. Medisch Spectrum Twente inspires its colleagues with a saving system for each use of a bicycle, without an administrative burden for the HR Department.


The finding of this audit is that Schuberg Philis is a Gold Level “Cycle Friendly Employer”, certified by the Fietsersbond! The certificate and plaque are symbols of pride within the organization.



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