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Argenta The Netherlands ready for the future with a new banking platform

Argenta has taken delivery of a completely new banking platform on Argenta.nl, making the organization ready for the future. The new digital bank was developed and put online by a consortium under the leadership of Schuberg Philis, with Boondoggle and Five Degrees.

Schuberg Philis, Five Degrees and Boondoggle implement a total solution

Argenta has taken delivery of a completely new banking platform on Argenta.nl, making the organization ready for the future. The user experience is radically improved, and new services and functions can be added and managed much more simply. The new digital bank was developed and put online by a consortium with Boondoggle and Five Degrees, under the leadership of Schuberg Philis. The same team will work with Argenta in the years ahead, for further improvement, expansion and innovation of services.

Marinka van der Meer, CEO of Argenta The Netherlands, described the company as “a modest niche company in the Netherlands, with considerable ambitions. We are a stable, reliable bank for people who wish to avoid risk and make well-informed financial choices. There is market demand for our services, as can be seen from our 300,000 customers and 750 mortgage intermediaries. In total they have given us a mortgage portfolio worth 16.5 billion euros, and 2.5 billion euros in deposits.”

Van der Meer: “We think there is clearly room for growth in volume and in our range of services, but this depends on us operating as a modern digital bank that can respond quickly to market wishes. The completely new IT platform, the website, and the customer information system make that development possible. We are currently completing the renewal of the infrastructure, so that our customers can carry out banking transactions mobile first. In the year ahead we aim to extend the interaction with customers, as well as the range of services and products which we offer.”

Schuberg Philis
“Argenta The Netherlands is now one of most modern digital banks, both in terms of customer service and automation,” according to Pim Berger, Managing Director at Schuberg Philis. “Our consortium’s strength lies in providing fully integrated business and IT services. Argenta's customers now have the best possible user experience, because Argenta has a complete picture of each of its customers and a state-of-the-art platform designed to serve them.

Schuberg Philis has final responsibility for the functionality, and we ensure that all the partners make best use of their strengths. We orchestrate operational IT, integrate all the digital processes within the bank, and take responsibility for the day-to-day functioning of the digital bank, from beginning to end, guaranteeing the well-known Schuberg Philis quality. This means that the bank can innovate and upscale to the maximum level, with confidence that it complies with all requirements related to availability, data integrity, and security.”

Boondoggle is responsible for the digital user experience and the integration of marketing tools. Consumer needs were inventoried in a co-creative process with Argenta, using stakeholders and customer journey mapping, and then correlated with Argenta's brand values and product range. The result of this exercise was translated into an optimal digital proposition and user experience, which was the basis for the user interface design, the technical architecture blueprint, and the agile approach to the development process. Implementation was based on a combination of state-of-the-art experience management tools.

Boondoggle CEO Pieter Lambrechts looks back proudly at the result and the smooth coordination of work with the partners: “The banking platform that we now have is the perfect basis for Argenta to thrive as a digital player in the Dutch market in the years ahead.”

Five Degrees
“It is rare for a complete new banking platform to be rolled out, especially in such a short time,” says Martijn Hohmann, CEO of Five Degrees. Quick results were possible because Argenta chose our end-to-end banking solution, which encompasses both the ‘core’ banking platform (Matrix Accounts), and the mid-office platform (Matrix Midoffice), which is the interface to the customer environment. That meant that we only had to export the data from the old environment, and we had a completely new digital bank, with all of the conceivable functionalities that are needed to operate competitively in today’s market conditions. The new environment centers on the integrated customer profile rather than on the bank’s products. In this structure, new services provided by customers or third parties can be added much more easily and quickly.”

Technology Stack
The new banking platform consists of a ‘technology stack’ of systems. Boondoggle built the front end on the basis of Sitecore, Selligent and Relay42. All the necessary marketing tools are built in to allow for an optimal rollout of digital marketing strategies to attract and convert customers.

Five Degrees supplied Matrix Midoffice, the banking operating system through which the integrated customer profiles are maintained and banking processes are automated to a high degree. The core banking component is based on Matrix Accounts, also from Five Degrees.

Schuberg Philis was responsible for the integration, testing and implementation of all applications and interfaces and hosts them all, in the Netherlands, in its own Mission Critical Cloud. This hybrid platform is deeply automated so that the mixed teams can work on the basis of Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CI/CD).

Curious about the result? Visit Argenta Nederland’s new banking platform on Argenta.nl.



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