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EduScrum, the educational spinoff based on the successful scrum methodology, is a success in Dutch classrooms. The kids love it and teachers don't want to work without it, CIO Magazine says.

Scrum was developed in 1986 as a flexible management strategy aimed at reaching shared goals with a team comprised of people with different skills and expertise.

Twenty-seven years after it's inception, it turns out kids benefit from the method too. Schuberg Philis-engineer Mark Reijn and his father-in-law Willy Wijnands brought the scrum-principles into Dutch classrooms under the name eduScrum. The way classrooms are organised using scrum is very similar to the Schuberg-model: small teams making decisions based on their own experience and qualities.

The results are impressive, CIO Magazine concludes: Scrum in the classroom ensures a quicker and better completion of projects, improves the self-confidence of students and makes better use of the individual competencies. The group has no leader that decides who does what. Using scrum, kids are able to set goals and reach them, while every member of the group is responsible. When Reijn told his father-in-law, who is a chemistry teacher, about the way he works at Schuberg, the enthusiasm for the scrum model on secondary schools started to grow.

Ilja Heitlager, also Schuberg Philis, joined to bring eduScrum to the classrooms. A teacher explains in the article in CIO that there has been a dramatic drop in the time children need to learn new things. Back in the days it took eight weeks, since we're using eduScrum we do it in six. The students are more eager to listen because they rely on themselves. When I finish talking, they have to figure it out among themselves, a teacher explains. Not only time is saved, the results on projects are better and the self-confidence of students improves. Schuberg Philis actively supports the project, together with companies such as Xebia, Tele2, ScrumInc, and Proareness+.

Visit the EduScrum website, read the article below in CIO Magazine, or watch the video with Willy Wijnands about EduScrum at DevOps Days Amsterdam.



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