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Giarte outsourcing performance 2009

As presented on the EquaTerra/Giarte Outsourcing Performance Day 2008, Schuberg Philis has the highest customer satisfaction rate in Infrastructure Management in the Dutch outsourcingmarket for the third consecutive year.

The Outsourcing Performance survey 2008 is based on the evaluation of 674 (Dutch) outsourcing contracts with a total value of 15 b €. According to EquaTerra/Giarte, this represents approximately 75% of the Dutch outsourcing market. The survey focuses on the perception of Chief Information Officers (CIO’s) concerning their outsourcing providers. All major providers participated in the survey.

Schuberg Philis proved its quality market leadership in the field of mission critical outsourcing with 100% of Schuberg Philis’ customers recommending the company to other organisations looking for an outsourcing partner. No other service provider received such high customer satisfaction scores in the survey.

Furthermore, Schuberg Philis has the highest number of superfans of all outsourcing providers. Superfans are customers who would most certainly recommend their outsourcing provider to someone else. In the whole survey 15 superfans were indicated for all service providers combined. From this overall total, 9 of these are superfans of Schuberg Philis.

Besides the strong recommendation from its customers, Schuberg Philis is of all outsourcing service providers perceived as a party that is most solution driven, with a focus on the business outcome for the customer instead of being activity driven with a focus on IT outcomes.

Schuberg Philis’ customers, who selectively outsourced mission critical applications, all share the same type of profile. They are large companies operating in regulated markets. Therefore they need a strong focus on risk management around their critical applications and systems, while being able to adjust these applications and systems in a controlled and very flexible manner to new developments in their markets or organisation.

Pim Berger, Managing Director Schuberg Philis: “The Schuberg Philis customer base is very loyal. This was directly reflected in the outcome that 100% of our customers are promoters of Schuberg Philis. We are very proud that our customers see us as a true solution driven service provider with a demonstrable impact on their business results. This is a tremendous testimonial by our customers, not only to Schuberg Philis, but also to the dedication of our people.”

About Schuberg Philis

Schuberg Philis is an innovative private company and an important player in the field of mission critical outsourcing services. Schuberg Philis exclusively addresses company applications which require 24/7 availability and guarantees 100% uptime for such systems. Schuberg Philis the IT-auditable outsourcing company.

For more information, visit www.allenovery.com.

For more information:
Ezra van Tiel
T 020 582 98 29
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