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Highest scores in Giarte 2018 customer survey for Schuberg Philis

In this year's Giarte Outsourcing Performance Survey, Schuberg Philis received the highest customer satisfaction scores of all participants in each of the three outsourcing categories: infrastructure management, application management and end user management.

Erik-Jan Kool, managing director at Schuberg Philis, comments: “It makes us really proud to receive this recognition from our customers. Our efforts in the past year to focus on the digital business of our customers, collaboration and innovation are really paying off. In the growing business of digital transformation we work in complex ecosystems with numerous parties, which made it even more challenging to keep up the 100% service."

In the Giarte survey, Schuberg Philis scored highest on customer satisfaction in all categories:

  • Infrastructure management: 9.0 versus 8.5 last year
  • Application management: 8.7 versus 8.0 last year 
  • End user management: 9.3 versus 8.3 last year

Another key element of the survey is the Giarte Trust Score. This score values the level of trust between customer and outsourcing providers for six indicators. Again, Schuberg Philis received the highest overall score; 87, way beyond the market average of 72 and an increase of 0.5 versus last year. This improvement is mainly the result of higher scores for the indicators 'Reliability' (89), ‘Communication’ (83), ‘Skills’ (92), ‘Empathy' (89) and ‘Willingness’ (89). Only the score for ‘Openness’ was a bit lower than last year (81 versus 83 last year).

The Giarte Outsourcing Performance Report 2018 is based on evaluations from 824 CIOs and IT executives of leading Dutch companies and large public organizations. The survey measures satisfaction with the suppliers of IT outsourcing, based on outsourcing contracts from 637 organizations.

For the full report, please click here.



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