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Leefkringhuis Noord

Leefkringhuis Amsterdam-Noord has been a partner since 2010.

Leefkringhuis Amsterdam-Noord has been a partner since 2010. Every Friday we make sure that their foodbank can collect the remaining food from our kitchen. Being a 24/7 company, all our colleagues can step by our restaurant to have a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner at any time.

Fact is that some days less people use our kitchen facilities than foreseen. It is inevitable that by the end of the week we have good food left over, which can still be used by others. In addition, this year we made it possible for them to buy a transport van. And than there is the story of the redundant laptops, that we cleaned and re-installed the software on.

They started a second life at a secondary school, which is populated by the children of several foodbank-customers



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