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Our new 4 layer Risk Management approach passed the SOC test

That explains our happy auditors! We passed the SOC with an “unqualified opinion”, which is auditor speak for “thumbs up”.

Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability. These are important words for our auditors, and we are proud to announce that Schuberg Philis was just found in full compliance with the highest standards in the SOC report performed by PwC. They gave Schuberg Philis an unqualified opinion, meaning all control objectives were obtained. The report is available on request.

Our auditors are especially proud because it was the first litmus test for our newly developed Schuberg Philis 4 Layer Risk Management model, that offers 4 lines of defense. We’ll be happy to expand on this model in person.

Some technical details on the content of the report:
The SOC type 2 2018 report is based on the Schuberg Philis internal control framework, which has been developed based on international best practice models. These are the American SOC2 standard (used by providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure) as well as the guidelines from the EBA (European Banking Authority) and DNB (Dutch Central Bank). The report is issued by PwC in accordance with the International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3402 and is available for our customers.

For more information about the Schuberg Philis 4 Layer Risk Management, or a copy of the SOC report, feel free to contact Sandeep Gangaram Panday: SGangaramPanday@schubergphilis.com.



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